'Monster' Hurricane Florence Barrels Toward the Carolinas

The coastal surge from Florence could leave the eastern tip of North Carolina under more than 9 foot of water in spots, projections showed.

How big is the area covered by Storm Surge Watches and Warnings? Even if you've ridden out storms before, this one is different.

The world's largest pig abattoir has shut down and stock moved as Hurricane Florence moves towards North Carolina on the U.S. east coast, threatening an environmental disaster.

The eastbound lanes of several major highways have been shut down to allow for a smooth flow of traffic inland.

"It's going to destroy homes", said Jeff Byard, an official at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

On Wednesday morning, the storm was about 550 miles from the Carolina coast and remains a Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds.

"This will likely be the storm of a lifetime for portions of the Carolina coast", the National Weather Service said.

While most people, including President Donald Trump, grew concerned over its massive size - some people couldn't help themselves from commenting underneath the comical graphic.

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"Storm surge has the highest potential to kill the most amount of people", FEMA Administrator Brock Long said. "The term mandatory evacuation rings hollow because there's no good way to actually enforce it but if you call it something else people are not going to follow". Florence's deluge will extend inland for hundreds of miles, which would flood virtually every river and stream in the Carolinas.

"There's really not a lot of good news", NOAA flight director Paul Flaherty said on "Shepard Smith Reporting".

"This storm is going to be a direct hit".

The NHC said Florence is expected to be an "extremely risky major hurricane" when it makes landfall in the Carolinas late Thursday or early Friday, bringing life-threatening storm surge to coastal areas. Winds this strong could knock some trees over and potentially knock out power.

A state of emergency has been declared in D.C. and in states, including Virginia and the Carolina's. In contrast, Hugo's landfall was relatively quick, weakening to a tropical storm in less than a day. While initial forecasts had Jasper in Florence's crosshairs, updated information has downgraded the threat posed to it. I believe in preparation, ' Wright said. The storm caused an estimated $125 billion of damage along the Gulf Coast.

"I will enjoy the quiet", he said. The entire coastlines of North and SC, in addition to some parts of southeastern Virginia, are under a mandatory evacuation plan. Schools in 26 of the state's 46 counties were ordered closed from Tuesday. And he had advice for coastal residents.

In a press conference on Monday, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said predations were made to accommodate 1 million people leaving the coast, a report by The State said. Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall in the Tar Heel State on Friday.

  • Douglas Reid