Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh says incident described by accuser "completely false"

Sixty-five women who knew Mr Kavanaugh in high school have defended him in a letter, circulated by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, as someone who "always treated women with decency and respect". He said Democrats never raised it throughout the several days of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing that he said included "sometimes weird innuendo".

"This is a completely false allegation", Kavanaugh said in a statement Monday morning.

"In view of the enormity and seriousness of these allegations, a staff-only phone call behind closed doors is unacceptable and Democratic staff will not participate".

President Trump defended his nominee, noting that Kavanaugh had been vetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on half a dozen occasions.

"If it takes a little delay, it will take a little delay".

If the Judiciary committee's timetable slips further, it would become increasingly hard for Republicans to schedule a vote before the November 6 elections, in which congressional control will be at stake.

Trump won 41 percent of votes cast by women nationally in 2016 - despite the "Access Hollywood" tape, his habit of criticizing women's looks and the fact that his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, is a woman.

"At this very moment, the issue is moving so fast that accurate predictions are hard to make", said Steven Law, who leads the super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

There was enormous pressure on GOP Sens. "With the one-vote margin on the committee, Jeff Flake has the power to stop Kavanaugh, and to humiliate Trump".

Last week, Feinstein said in a news release that she had information about Kavanaugh but was keeping it confidential at the request of the individual who provided the information.

"If there is real substance to this, it demands a response", Murkowski said. Ford and her husband live in an Eichler in Palo Alto in the Greenmeadow neighborhood. "He stands ready to testify tomorrow if the Senate is ready to hear him", White House spokesman Raj Shah said in a statement Monday.

Five found dead at home in Perth, Australia
Investigators are now searching the home for evidence, and police could not provide any further details on the victims. Assistant commissioner Paul Steele said the incident was "tragic" but that there were no ongoing safety concerns.

Some Democrats raised questions about whether Grassley's plan was sufficient.

A source close to the confirmation process told Fox News that Kavanaugh was scheduled to discuss the allegations with Judiciary Commitee staffers at 5:30 p.m. She said President George H.W. Bush had asked the FBI to investigate Anita Hill's allegations against Thomas.

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., accused Democrats of keeping the allegation secret until the "11th hour" and said Kavanaugh has been thoroughly vetted.

Underscoring the stakes, Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative lobby group led by a lawyer Carrie Severino, who once worked under Clarence Thomas, announced Monday it would spend $1.5 million on media advertising in support of Kavanaugh.

While now totally unverified and, to those unacquainted with the work of world-renown memory expert Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, seemingly far-fetched, this theory about therapy's possible role in memory manipulation is actually quite plausible.

"Victims of sexual assault have the right to decide whether and when to come forward", Banks said about her client.

But Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer of NY said it would be "a deep insult to the women of America" if Grassley did not postpone Thursday's meeting. Further, Ford is willing to testify publicly, under oath, before the Judiciary Committee, Katz said.

President Trump said Monday he's willing to accept a delay in the GOP's push to quickly confirm his pick for the Supreme Court in order to sort out new allegations, but said he's still backing his man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh came to the White House amid the upheaval, but there was no immediate word on why or whether he had been summoned.

In the article, she alleged that at a party during their high school years, Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom along with his friend Mark Judge, attempted to remove her clothes and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

Manchin, meanwhile, said Ford "deserves to be heard", and Kavanaugh "deserves a chance to clear his name" during a hearing.

"I wish I had been able to do more for Anita Hill".

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