The Nintendo Switch Gets Official NES Controllers

So far, the iOS version of the Switch Mobile App has also updated, preparing for the service's launch by now supporting more titles for voice chat.

Based on what we've been shown so far, the library looks similar to various other digital media services available, where you flick through content until you find something you want to watch - or in this case play. It may be the same for the Nintendo Switch, considering Fortnite's exemption from the Switch Online requirement.

Signing up is also the only way to access HD remasters of old classic titles. That's right, Nintendo and Epic are teaming up for a Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle!

Plus, the bundle costs $300 in the U.S., which is the same amount you'd pay for a Nintendo Switch console on its own.

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One gold point is worth $0.01, so you can use 300 points to purchase a $3 eShop item. So double check that if you aren't sure about it. The bundle costs $300, which is the same price as a standalone Switch, so essentially you're just getting all the in-game goodies for free.

Nintendo Online comes with an array of subscription tiers, and features individual and family memberships.

If you're connected to the internet, your save data will be backed up automatically, even when your Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode. PlayStation will hold onto cloud backup data for six months, while Xbox offers cloud saves to all players at all times. Meaning those late night sessions of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be over if you don't pick up a subscription.

  • Delia Davidson