Watch Faith Hill Perform at Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Watch his breathtaking tribute here.

The funeral had been billed as closed to the public, but crowds of fans gathered outside, many dressed in their Sunday best.

Aretha's ex-husband, Mr Turman, appeared on Good Morning Britain after her death and told the hosts about the time Sammy Davis Jr. introduced her to royalty. Not without fear, but because of her fears. "This is a real life that has been lived, that a person regardless of how famous she became, no matter how many people she touched around the world, she still could not escape death". Gladys says they happened to be staying in the same hotel, and when they sat down to chat, she says.

The president didn't cry during his speech, but delivered it with joy. Clinton exclaimed, as 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton looked on with a grin.

Clinton said, "I wonder what my friend has got on today".

"The secret to her greatness was she took this massive talent and chose to be the composer of her own lifestyle", he said. "And what a song it turned out to be".

Diplomatic squabble as U.S. rejects Pakistan's claim about Pompeo-Imran phone call
He called for an early resolution of the issue of Kashmir, which has been the cause of two of their three wars with India. The State Department says however that it stands by its readout of the call.

When asked about the President back in 1994, she described Clinton as "very down to earth, very decent", adding he was "someone who is really trying to pull it off, to get a true democracy". "She took the gifts God gave her and she kept getting a little bigger every day".

"There are some girls who haven't been born yet ... who will be inspired by Aretha", he said.

"[He said] 'We have the Duke of Ellington, the Count of Bassey, and ladies and gentlemen I bring you the Queen of Soul'".

Floral arrangements from such singers as Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett and from the family of Otis Redding, whose "Respect" Franklin transformed and made her signature song, were set up in a hallway outside the sanctuary. "Not without failure, but overcoming her failures". Not without failure, but overcoming her failures.

A Detroit church has swelled with gospel music for the funeral of Aretha Franklin, driving mourners to their feet to clap and sing ahead of tributes to the queen of soul by former U.S. president Bill Clinton and singer Stevie Wonder. The Clintons and Aretha had been friends for decades, going back before he was elected president. "I just loved her".

  • Michelle Webb