Anti-Brexit protest in London calls for second referendum

London Mayor Sadiq Khan from the opposition Labour Party was among those set to address the People's Vote March, which will culminate at a rally in Parliament Square.

A COUNTY Durham MP told an estimated crowd of 700,000 in London that it was the demise of the region's mining industry that has driven him to call for a second vote on Brexit.

"Anti-Brexit groups at the moment, if you look at the last three months 177 ads were run on Facebook by Best for Britain and the People's Vote".

Chan, who starred in Humans and Crazy Rich Asians held a banner which read: "Even Baldrick had a f****** plan".

Activists from the county marched on the capital's streets to demand British people have a vote on the final deal negotiated with the EU.

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29, but negotiations over the divorce have been plagued by disagreements, particularly over the future border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

European Union said: "The idea that you should have a second referendum would be incredibly damaging, most of all to the trust in democracy from people up and down this country".

The 53-year-old contract worker said new British residence rules would make it all but impossible for her new German husband to ever settle in London. "People should have the opportunity to vote for an alternative based on what we now know".

Organisers claim 700,000 people turned out, while Scotland Yard said it was unable to estimate the size of the crowds.

Along with the well-known personalities, Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London, insisted that there would be 'nothing more democratic than another referendum.

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It seems a lot of people are planning to attend, with more than 15,000 having registered their interest on the official Facebook page alone (there are loads of other Facebook event pages for it, from various political factions and groups).

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sent a supportive video message. The protest, which was the biggest since the anti-Iraq war protest 15 years ago, was led by young voters, and had support from celebrity speakers and a number of MPs who support a new vote despite Theresa May ruling the idea out.

Chapman said she is "very much in favour of the principle of a People's Vote".

Who will speak at the march?


And Leo Buckley, 16, from Hampshire, said: "Young people stand to lose the most. I'm as angry as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Joe Trickey, from Croydon, was celebrating his 83rd birthday at the march.

It is threatening to tear apart the government and could potentially topple Prime Minister Teresa May's leadership, with outspoken Brexiter and former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who resigned from the position in July amid the Brexit fallout, making a bid for the top job.

Protocols have been developed on how Brexit will impact Gibraltar and the UK's military base in Cyprus, she will say.

Staff are also said to have looked at whether Britain's MEPs could remain in post for another year, following the conclusion that a vote could not take place for at least 12 months to avoid clashing with next spring's European Union elections. After months of debate, and weeks of campaigning, millions of people watched with increasing nervousness, until, with a decisive "We're out!" "I think the question has to be on the nature of the deal".

  • Sonia Alvarado