Packages to Biden, De Niro seized, similar to earlier bombs

Police said the packages appeared to be similar to several others found Wednesday addressed to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan and California Rep. Maxine Waters.

Investigators found a package addressed to Biden in a DE mail facility that was like the other pipe bombs found this week, according to a law enforcement official.

An 8th suspicious package was reported at a Tribeca building, the morning after a threatening string of similar packages were sent to top Democrats.

The package sent to De Niro was addressed to the Hollywood actor and delivered to his NY restaurant, the Tribeca Grill B in Manhattan.

"We will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice, hopefully very quickly", Trump said. The bomb squad removed the package at 6:30 a.m. and transported it to the NYPD's bomb disposal facility in the Bronx, New York.

The mailing of the devices come less than a fortnight before the U.S. mid-term elections.

"I have been in direct contact with the FBI and other law enforcement officials who are working tirelessly on this investigation, and I am grateful for their efforts to keep us safe".

"I believe there is someone by definition a serial bomber, yes, and a terrorist", New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN on Thursday. Mainstream Media must clean up its act. The devices found so far, which officials have described as pipe bombs, have put many in the country on edge, and authorities have begun an intensive effort to find other explosives that may still be out there.

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The FBI confirmed Thursday morning that two packages were addressed to Biden and one was addressed to De Niro, and that they were similar in appearance to others.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday said a device had been sent to his office in Manhattan, but it was unrelated to the mail bombs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office is housed in Sunrise, Florida, Oct. 24, 2018. The parcel intended for Holder ended up rerouted to the return address printed on all the packages - the Florida office of United States representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a former chair of the democratic national committee, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Like most of the other packages, the return address was that of Democratic US Rep. The Los Angeles Police Department said it was investigating another package found at a mail facility near Downtown Los Angeles. The bombs were all shipped in the same envelope with the same stamps and same labels.

The package sent to CNN also contained an envelope of white powder that experts were analysing. At least one bomb was packed with shards of glass, one federal source said.

The images of two devices - one found Monday at the home Soros and one sent to CNN's NY office on Wednesday - had the appearance of real devices that would cause serious bodily injury or death, said Ryan Morris, founder of Tripwire Operations Group, a company that provides explosives training to law enforcement and military officials.

"Brennan, a frequent critic of Trump, said: "Look in the mirror. Your inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies, & encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful", he tweeted". "BTW, your critics will not be intimidated into silence".

John Brennan, the former Central Intelligence Agency director to whom a device sent to CNN's NY offices was addressed, replied: "Stop blaming others".

On Thursday, without directly referencing the explosive devices, President Trump again blamed the media for the "anger" in society.

  • Michelle Webb