Cleveland Browns reportedly want to interview Condoleezza Rice for head coach

Browns GM John Dorsey said last week he was open to hiring a woman as Cleveland's next head coach.

She's a huge Browns fan, and met with some of the owners during a game earlier this year.

According to the report, the interview process could also lead to Rice joining the team in a consulting role if she doesn't get the job as head coach.

The Browns would like to interview former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for their head-coaching job, a league source tells ESPN. One doesn't have to play the game to understand it and motivate players.

Dorsey is even interested in interviewing someone with no experience: Condoleezza Rice. "The Drive" as it's known helped the Broncos beat the Browns 23-20 in overtime, denying Cleveland a trip to the Super Bowl.

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Although Rice has no football coaching experience, she now serves on the College Football Playoff selection committee. The position opened up after former head coach Hue Jackson was turfed October 29.

"She's an fantastic person", one Browns source told ESPN.

ESPN reported Sunday that the Browns' front office was interested in possibly bringing Condi for an interview to replace recently-fired head coach Hue Jackson.

During a press conference last week, Dorsey initially said, "I know me personally, I would like to see a man of character. I'm serious. We're going to look at everything". "It could be a woman, too". After leaving the world of politics, Rice became involved in the world of sports, serving as a member of the College Football Playoff Committee and chairing the Commission on College Basketball.

  • Lawrence Cooper