Aaron Trejo: Footballer ‘confesses to stabbing pregnant cheerleader in the heart’

IN officials on Monday were due to file charges against a 16-year-old high school football player accused of killing a pregnant classmate, according to a county prosecutor's office and local media reports.

Aaron Trejo was arrested Sunday, suspected of killing Breana Rouhselang after the 17-year-old's body was found near her IN home on Sunday.

Trejo, who is being held without bail, has been charged with two felonies: murder and feticide.

Facebook/Breana Rouhselang Breana Rouhselang is a pregnant IN teen killed by football player, police say.

Breana Rouhselang, 17, who was six months pregnant, was found dead Sunday morning. Aaron Trejo quietly said, "Yes".

The teenagers belonged from the same Mishawaka High School where Aaron was a football player and Breana along with being a cheerleader was also a softball player and a football team manager. The 16-year-old American football player then tossed the knife and Breana's phone into a nearby river.

Friends of Rouhselang's family set up a GoFundMe page to help them cover funeral expenses.

He is scheduled to appear before a St. Joseph County Superior Court Magistrate at 1 p.m. on Tuesday for his arraignment.

Rouhselang 17 was found dead in a dumpster in St. Joseph Conuty Indiana authorities said
WBNDScene where Breana Rouhselang 17 was found dead in a dumpster in St. Joseph Conuty Indiana authorities said

Police later found her body in a dumpster behind a business, Arendt said. Aaron chose to use a knife because he thought it would kill Breana quickly.

"I took action.I took her life", he allegedly told authorities, adding that he allegedly stabbed her with a knife had brought from home.

The victim's stepmother, Nicole Rouhselang, said Breana had talked about visiting colleges, but recently had failing grades. Trejo told investigators he had been planning the killing for about a week and hadn't told anyone. Trejo told her that he had gone to meet her but she never showed up.

Arendt said that the victim and her alleged killer knew each other through their school football team and lived about seven blocks from each other. An autopsy found that Rouhselang died from multiple stab wounds and strangulation from a scarf around her neck.

Mishawaka High School called Rouhselang's death "a awful tragedy" in a statement on its website. Our focus now is to offer all of the support possible to our staff and students.

The Mishawaka High School released a statement calling the death a "terrible tragedy" and said they will have grief counselors available to students at the high school throughout the day.

"The juvenile court has no jurisdiction over someone charged with murder if they are 16 years of age or older", St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter told the Indianapolis Star.

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