Corbyn demands immediate vote on Brexit deal

Of 317 Conservative members of parliament who voted in Wednesday's no-confidence vote, 200 supported Prime Minister Theresa May, and 117 voted against.

Her victory in a confidence vote of Conservative MPs late Wednesday made her immune from further party leadership challenge for a year, but she was forced to admit she would quit by 2022.

May's victory, "means she can not be challenged for another year, closing the route to a no deal outcome via Brexiteer victory in a Conservative party leadership election and a change in government policy".

"The Prime Minister has lost her majority in Parliament, her government is in chaos and she is unable to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the country and puts jobs and the economy first", he said.

Speaking after the win, she said: 'This has been a long and challenging day, but at the end of it I'm pleased to have received the backing of my colleagues in tonight's ballot.

Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä told reporters: "Legally binding will be a little bit hard but anyway I think that we all want to help".

The legal assurance would - critically - allow the DUP to budge and support the deal; recall the DUP are kingmakers in this whole process, they know May needs her, the European Union know May needs the DUP and therefore the European Union must produce something to satisfy the DUP.

Arriving in Brussels, EU leaders indicated their willingness to help Mrs May through "clarifications" to the Brexit deal, but were adamant they would not re-open negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement.

The Prime Minister needed to secure at least 159 votes and did so by fending off a rebellious group of 117 MPs to obtain 67% of the overall vote.

Theresa May has survived the vote of no confidence against her.

May, who spent Tuesday touring European Union capitals to appeal for changes to sweeten her divorce deal for reluctant United Kingdom lawmakers, has until January 21 to hold a vote on the agreement in Parliament, a timetable that could be scuttled if she is replaced.

Sir Graham Brady announces that Theresa May has survived an attempt by Tory MPs to oust her as party leader
Sir Graham Brady announces that Theresa May has survived an attempt by Tory MPs to oust her as party leader

However, European leaders look unlikely to offer immediate support, with a draft statement saying they were merely "ready to examine" whether further assurance can be given.

But when May took it home, she ran into renewed opposition from hardline Brexiteers in her Conservative party and this week she baulked at putting it to a vote in parliament.

Reacting to the news, the opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the result "makes no difference to the lives of our people".

"She may have clung on to the Conservative leadership, but her remaining authority has been fatally undermined". With this vote, she can't be challenged again for 12 months.

That is probably because she has already agreed to it, and so has the EU27.

Arriving in Brussels for an European Union summit, Mrs May acknowledged she needed fresh assurances from European Union leaders regarding the operation of the Northern Ireland backstop if the agreement was to get through the Commons.

Asked whether he would prefer the United Kingdom to remain in the EU, Bettel pointed to the pin badge of crossed EU and United Kingdom flags on his chest and said: "Look what I'm wearing, I still believe".

May needs to win the support of 158 of her MPs - just over half - in order to defeat the no confidence motion, which was triggered when 48 Tories demanded a ballot. The EU will likely give her some rhetorical cover for facilitating implementation of the withdrawal agreement-but they have ruled out any changes to the agreement itself.

They are divided between favouring a Norway-style "soft Brexit" and believing that a "managed no-deal" would be the best alternative to the Prime Minister's plan.

"I am absolutely committed to changing the culture of this place and to seeing that everybody here is treated with dignity and respect", she said. Foster, whose 10 MPs prop up the minority Tory administration, said she told the May "we were not seeking assurances or promises, we wanted fundamental legal text changes".

How Will The Leadership Challenge To British PM Theresa May Work?
Nothing from the last 24 hours has transformed the deal that would have been rejected this week if MPs had been allowed to vote. The threshold of 48 letters calling for a leadership vote from Tory MPs was passed, triggering a vote of no confidence .

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