Jeremy Corbyn prepares to call vote of no confidence in Theresa May

Labour hopes that by using this tactic Tory critics of the Prime Minister - including the 117 who said they had no confidence in her in last week's internal Conservative vote - could be persuaded to support the motion.

Theresa May is fighting a growing Cabinet clamour for MPs to hold "option" votes on what to do about Brexit if her deal is defeated.

May has delayed a crucial vote by MPs on the draft Brexit deal until next month, leaving the political scene in limbo.

May returns to Parliament to update lawmakers on Brexit after a week in which she cancelled a vote on her deal because it was set to be defeated and survived an attempt by some of her own lawmakers to oust her.

Lidington is said to be at the head of a "gang of five" Cabinet ministers, including Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, David Gauke and Greg Clark, who all back a new vote.

They are urging a "managed" no deal exit - which could involve paying the European Union for a transition period and limited agreements to limits the worst effects of crashing out.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, a leading Brexit campaigner, also said that anyone considering a second referendum was "out of their minds".

"A new public vote would be different from the referendum in 2016 because we now know more about what Brexit means", said Margaret Beckett, an MP from the main opposition Labour Party and "People's Vote" supporter.

The prime minister has cynically run down the clock trying to manoeuvre parliament into a choice between two unacceptable outcomes: "her deal and no deal".

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She said: "Labour's position right now is it won't back a second European Union referendum until it has tried and failed to trigger a general election, but if it won't try to trigger a general election then we're in this catch-22 position".

The Prime Minister's chief of staff Gavin Barwell is also said to have told a Cabinet minister that he now regarded holding a second referendum as "the only way" to break the current impasse.

"We can not, as he would, abdicate responsibility for this decision".

She has previously suggested that a Norway-plus deal, with the United Kingdom in both a customs union and the single market, could be a "plausible" alternative.

But Downing Street insisted there are "no plans" to hold such a vote, and it is understood Mrs May rejected the prospect during a phone call with senior colleagues last week.

The Sunda Rimes reports come after May said Friday that she would continue negotiations with Brussels on the future Brexit agreement in order to obtain additional guarantees for the deal, which are necessary for approval in the UK Parliament.

The Labour leader said: "She has achieved nothing, the deal is unchanged and not going to change".

Ian Blackford, the SNP's Westminster leader, told Theresa May her "deal is dead" and demanded the vote be held before Christmas.

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