Penn State probably won't miss Urban Meyer

Offensive coordinator Ryan Day, the same coach who took over over for Meyer during his three-game suspension to open the season, will become the full-time coach.

Meyer had a wildly successful run in Columbus, which he looks to culminate with a Rose Bowl victory. There will be no coaching search, no wild speculation about why this happened now and what it means.

And maybe most importantly to some Ohio State fans, Meyer was 7-0 against MI, including four straight wins over Jim Harbaugh, hired in 2015 by MI to be OSU's kryptonite.

This is it-until it isn't. But on the day Urban Meyer supposedly retired, the first thought that crossed everybody's mind was, "Yeah, right". This time around, the coach is calling it a retirement, rather than a resignation, but even that language proffers only a weak argument that Meyer is finished coaching for good.

He has been dealing with an arachnoidal cyst inside his skull since first diagnosed in 1998, and which flared up again in the middle of this season causing severe headaches at times. Meyer will start feeling better, and then he'll get bored, fast; he's not the kind of retired coach fans will get accustomed to seeing out for a grocery run or at the local auto wash.

Believe it or not, you can bet on whether Meyer will be the next Browns coach. And don't kid yourself: Neither Meyer's health issues nor his inept handling of the Zach Smith situation will be a barrier to him re-entering the industry. His coaching wisdom and his elite ability to motivate and prepare a team is something everyone on this staff not only appreciates, but learns from and carries forward. No other head coach elicited as much emotion from Franklin as Meyer did.

Urban Meyer coaches the Utes on a snowy day in Provo against BYU at Lavell Edwards Stadium 11/22/2003
Urban Meyer coaches the Utes on a snowy day in Provo against BYU at Lavell Edwards Stadium 11/22/2003

Day, like Riley at OU, had completed two seasons as quarterback coach, though Day was not in charge of the Buckeye offense (Kevin Wilson is). Which brings us to the next question. He previously coached at Bowling Green and Utah.

Ohio State's inquiry revealed that Meyer had known about domestic abuse allegations against Smith since at least 2015, when police investigated the case - and when, according to Courtney Smith, she told Meyer's wife about it. A year later, he actually resigned, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. He is an Ohio State guy. The Buckeyes are 12-1 after winning the Big Ten.

Will Dwayne Haskins go pro?

Meyer guided Ohio State to the national championship in 2014 after doing so at Florida in 2006 and 2008. He will step down after the Rose Bowl on January 1.

USC - The Trojans retained Clay Helton after a 5-7 season but made sweeping changes to his staff with an effort of radically different results next year. A startling blowout loss at unranked Purdue on October 20 pushed Ohio State to the fringe of the national championship chase and prompted questions about Meyer's future. "Number one, win the rivalry game". If Florida State is mired in mediocrity for the next two years, they could pull the plug and chase Meyer to see if he'd be interested in returning to the Sunshine State.

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