Samsung is working on a Night Sight clone called Bright Night

This means there will be the Galaxy S10 Edge instead of the regular Galaxy S10 - sitting in the middle of the most inferior and the most premium versions. Several reports also claim that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be seen with a new camera feature as the fact that the company has been working on a new camera mode.

We have been hearing a lot about the upcoming entry-level Galaxy M series for the past couple of months - a new series which is expected to succeed the Galaxy J, Galaxy On and Galaxy C series phones from Samsung. Considering these leaks, Galaxy S10 Lite will sport FHD screen with 1080x2280 display whereas Galaxy S10 Plus is likely to feature QHD screen with 1440X3040 resolution. It features the world's very first smartphone quad camera, with each one suited and created to help you form the ideal shot. If Samsung can get anywhere close to Google, it'll be a win. Samsung Galaxy M20 will run on an Exynos 7885 with 3 GB of RAM and will have on the back a double rear camera (arranged vertically) and fingerprint sensor. That software was inspected by XDA Developers and the camera app for the Galaxy Note 9 included a new non-activated feature.

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According to XDA Developers, who decompiled the Samsung Camera APK on the Galaxy Note 9, the feature is called "Bright Night" and will work in a similar way to Google's night mode. "'Take bright pictures even in very dark conditions" says another code. The two biggest advancements I've seen in smartphone cameras are image stabilisation and the ability to take really good pictures in low light without the need to use a tripod or additional light sources. Like Google did with Night Sight, it's also possible Samsung will roll out the feature to its older handsets. With every new rumor, it is apparent that Samsung is going all out with the Galaxy S10. Since Malaysia is a key market for Samsung, you can be sure that we will be among the first countries to get it.

  • Delia Davidson