Syrian Kurds Hand Territory to Assad in Exchange for Aid Against Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent more troops to Syria's border on Monday ahead of an imminent United States withdrawal, as the White House announced he had invited Donald Trump to Ankara.

Manbij, in northern Syria, is held by a US -backed Kurdish YPG militia viewed by Ankara as "terrorists" linked to Kurdish insurgents inside Turkey.

On Monday, Turkish-backed Syrian rebels reinforced the area around the town of Manbij, which is occupied by the Kurdish fighters, in preparation for the USA withdrawal.

And Kalin vowed that there was "no question of a step backwards, vulnerability or a slowdown in the fight against Daesh".

"We will see what President Donald Trump's declared decision to pull out of Syria comes to", he added.

Meanwhile, France, a leading member of the U.S-led coalition said that they would keep their troops in northern Syria and continue to fight ISIS.

"There will be intensive traffic" between officials, he added, a day after Trump and Erdogan held a telephone conversation agreeing to coordinate the Syria pull-out.

One of the top issues the Turkish delegation will discuss with their counterparts in Russian Federation will be on who will control the areas to be left by the U.S. The YPG, under the SDF umbrella, now has control of the entire east of Syria, one third of the war-torn country. We will use them if need be.

Trump Jabs At Mattis: I Gave Him A Second Chance
Mattis's brother, Tom, said the secretary was not angry about being fired early, according to The Seattle Times . Mattis went to the White House that day in an effort to get Trump to keep USA forces in the war-torn country.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova emphasized that the territories in eastern Syria should be handed over to the Syrian government in line with global law. A source close to SDF leadership told VOA the expectations are that Russian-backed Syrian forces will move into some of the areas the SDF vacates once the US leaves.

Erdogan has been critical of Washington for supporting Kurdish groups in Syria that he says are responsible for terror attacks inside Turkey.

Syrian Turkmen Assembly, representatives of Turkmen minority in Syria, said on Wednesday they fully support Turkey's military operation against the PKK/YPG terrorists in northern Syria.

Mr Abu Adel, on Tuesday said there is no sign of an imminent Turkish attack on Manbij, despite claims by Turkish-backed rebels that they are pressing ahead with an assault.

Defense Secretary James Mattis and the special presidential envoy to the ISIS coalition resigned over the decision.

Mr Hammoud said one main aim of the Turkey-led operation to reclaim eastern Syria was to create the conditions and space for the return of refugees and displaced persons, who fled the Syrian government.

This also comes a day after the USA approved the sale of $3.5bn in missiles to Turkey amid negotiations for Ankara to buy anti-air defense missiles from Russian Federation. The Nato allies reached an agreement in June for the YPG to leave but Turkey says its implementation has been delayed.

  • Sonia Alvarado