Video surfaces from Kareem Hunt's February incident

Hunt gets restrained by his acquaintances before the woman slapped at him.

According to that Cleveland newspaper report, a friend who was with Hunt said the two women stayed out in the hallway for about 30 minutes.

Neither the Chiefs of National Football League disciplined Hunt for the incident ahead of the season, but that could change now that video of the altercation has been released.

The video, which was obtained and released by TMZ Sports, shows an incident that occurred in February.

Hunt pushed the woman, 19, at an OH hotel in a February 2018 incident that was just made public.

Police took the video into evidence, but did not arrest Hunt.

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The woman who accused Hunt of assaulting her, 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger, said she was kicked out of the hotel apartment after she turned down one of Hunt's friends; one of Hunt's friends said she called them racial slurs.

According to a police report obtained by, the woman and her friend spent the night of February 9 hanging on a party bus in Cleveland with Hunt and his friends. The woman told officers that the argument started when she refused to hook up with one of Hunt's associates and was kicked out of his hotel room.

The man in the video can be seen going on a rampage and repeatedly shoving, rushing, and kicking the woman.

Hunt pushes the man aside to go after the woman again. The woman claimed that she was kicked out of Hunt's hotel room after refusing to have sex with one of Hunt's friends.

Kansas City (9-2) plays in Oakland (2-9) on Sunday.

In the days and weeks following the incident, no charges would be filed and no punishments would be handed down by the Chiefs or the NFL.

  • Lawrence Cooper