GAME OF THRONES Final Season Premiere Date and Teaser Have Arrived

The video does not show any footage from Season 8 as such, instead it was filmed specifically for a teaser video and shows 3 of the 4 remaining Starks in the crypts of Winterfell.

But this teaser is about more than just the battle to come; it's about the Stark family legacy.

In the long teaser, we see the three siblings Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark trying to find their way through the crypts of Winterfell. The implication is all three may be facing their doom. While Arya and Sansa look the same age as they do in the trailer, Jon's statue seems to be of an older man.

There will be six episodes to come in the Game of Thrones saga, meaning the franchise should end in May 2019. But the good news is that, according to the makers of the Emmy Award-winning show, each of the episodes will be like an entire film on its own. Jon walks past the grave of his dead mother, Lyanna; Sansa and Arya past their mother Catelyn; and Jon hears the words of his father (well, technically uncle) Ned Stark: "You might not have my name, but you have my blood".

All things considered, things don't look to well for the shrewdest player in the game of thrones.

He also mentions to Ned that every night he dreams of killing Rhaegar and despite Mr Stark saying all the Targaryen's were gone, the King of the Seven Kingdoms says: "Not all of them".

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While they are going gaga over the confirmed premiere date, they are unable to process the new hint in the promo and are heartbroken that this will be the last time they will be preparing for a season of Game of Thrones. Should we be more anxious about Bran or the fate of seven kingdoms? I've watched them twice without any CGI and I'm in awe.

The eighth and final season of HBO's biggest hit, Game of Thrones, will premiere on 14 April.

Daenerys is another one who's absent and, despite her being George's favourite character, he doesn't think she'll see the end of season eight.

Sansa had a different version of events in her head but virtually no one in Westeros knew that the two love birds had eloped and Lyanna fell pregnant with Jon.

On a completely different note: WE CANNOT WAIT FOR APRIL 14!

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  • Michelle Webb