Google Assistant finally makes its way to Sonos speakers

That is the fact that the Google Assistant is coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, later this year.

Google's also making changes to how Google Assistant handles messaging.

Google Assistant Connect can help you connect nearly all your devices to one another and use information from Google Assistant in order to work.

Beyond navigation tasks, having Google Assistant handy means you can ask it to respond to texts, play a podcast or song, or send your ETA.

Amazon's strategy for Alexa this year will be a continuation of what it's been doing so far: building the foundation for an ambient computing platform, Limp added.

So for example, a device manufacturer could use Assistant Connect to display the current weather and temperature on a smart thermostat, while using Assistant Connect to actually get and display all the data from a connected device, say a Google Home.

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We don't know Google's next moves, but the company has its eye on expanding Google Assistant to more customers and smart home devices in the near future. The company has always been pushing to make its digital assistant a central point of its product ecosystem, for one. Version 2.0 of Samsung's virtual assistant added faster recognition and a totally reinvented UI on top of Bixby, but in the process, removed a lot of the useful apps.

Google significantly expanded its Google Assistant offerings in 2018, bringing the voice-activated assistant to new regions and languages. Google is working to integrate similar e-commerce features into Assistant.

While greater functionality may make Google Assistant more appealing to new users, what will really bolster its adoption in 2019 is its rapid expansion to more devices.

No matter how you look at it, it's going to be a good year for connected devices.

In this freaky scenario, it's not hard to imagine commanding your Amazon Echo to play a movie you bought through Apple's iTunes on your new Samsung TV.

  • Delia Davidson