Adam Levine's Super Bowl Nipple Reveal Prompts Backlash

For months, Levine and Maroon 5 were criticized for agreeing to perform at the Super Bowl. Like many angry viewers online, Philipps brought up Janet Jackson's 2004 wardrobe malfunction, saying that she "hate [s] the hypocrisy" of male versus female nudity. Below, see what others thought about Adam Levine's shirtless Halftime Show moment in light of Janet Jackson's "Nipplegate" controversy.

But despite all the hate, Levine seemed to feel only the love.

"This country should have a serious chat about why Adam Levine's nipples are, uh, apparently "acceptable" on TV but Janet Jackson was shamed and blacklisted for something she didn't even do", Clymer tweeted.

The singer progressively stripped during the band's set at the game in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday night, leading many to point out a double standard when it comes to bare flesh.

The diva's breast had been exposed during her half-time performance alongside Justin Timberlake.

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The move has social media recalling Janet Jackson's wardrobe mishap back in 2004.

As if the reviews of Maroon 5's Super Bowl 53 halftime show weren't bad enough, now social media is mocking the silky tank top sported by frontman Adam Levine.

She performed her hit single "Formation", paying tribute to Black Panthers, and faced backlash and protests from those who felt political statements should not be incorporated into the game's halftime performance. These initials, it was revealed, stand for Levine's eldest daughter, Dusty Rose. We've come so far since Janet Jackson showed some nipple.

"It's a cop-out when you start talking about, 'I'm not a politician; I'm just doing the music.' Most of the musicians who have any kind of consciousness whatsoever understand what's going on here", he said. Travis Scott IS the new punk rock.

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