Danny Dyer Says ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Should Be Allowed UK Return

"Who's there to guide her, talk to her - why is she so lost within her soul that she thinks that's the answer to go to Syria?"

Now, the 19-year-old is living in a camp in northern Syria for those who have been displaced.

European countries say they are working on how to deal with their citizens who want to come home, including investigating and prosecuting those guilty of crimes.

"But neither was I and neither were other women who are being killed right now back in Baghuz". And now she wants to come back, so what do we do?

Police found extremist material on her devices, including a video of a target said to be linked to the royal family.

That Isis was radicalising people online was no surprise, but the fact these three girls were as young as 15 and from the same academy school in Bethnal Green, east London, cast the risks of radicalisation closer to home.

Attorney Hassan Shibly says Muthana is ready to pay the penalty for her actions but wants freedom and safety for the 18-month-old son she had with an IS fighter who has since died.

Begum said she was "sorry" to all the families who had lost loved ones in Isis-inspired attacks in the United Kingdom and across Europe, adding: "That wasn't fair on them".

Renu Begum eldest sister of Shamima Begum 15 holds her sister’s
Renu Begum eldest sister of Shamima Begum 15 holds her sister’s

The schoolgirl who fled London to join the Islamic State group has said there was "fair justification" for the Manchester Arena terrorist attack and that they were a "retaliation" for attacks on IS. It's one thing to kill a soldier that is firing at you, it's self-defence, but to kill people like women and children, just like the women and children in Baghuz (Syria) that are being killed right now unjustly by the bombings.

"My message to both these brides, and any others like them, is this: You made your ISIS husband beds, now you can rot in hell in them". I don't know how I would be seen as a danger.

"Actually jumping on a plane at 15 to go to Syria".

The actor added: "I feel she needs a chance, maybe to explain what was going on". I'm not going to go back and promote people to go to ISIS or anything, if anything I'm going to encourage them not to go because it's not all it seems in their videos. "Their justification was that it was retaliation so I thought, okay, that is a fair justification".

A Justice Department spokesman referred questions to the State Department, which did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

While it is unclear whether Begum committed any crimes and her legal status is uncertain, it's possible Begum could face charges for supporting IS if she returns to Britain.

Her family's lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, said he anticipated she would face criminal proceedings upon any return to the United Kingdom, but that it was the family's hope she would be given professional help following her experience in Syria.

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