Maduro: Possible US aggression against Venezuela can not be justified

Whitaker said the US involvement stops at the Colombian border, where the Guaido-led opposition will be charged with distributing the aid inside Venezuela, a seemingly tall task as Maduro shows no signs of conceding.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido has been recognized by the U.S.

On Friday, Guaido urged his supporters to stay in the streets and protest until the "usurper" Maduro lets the convoy with US-sent aid, which is now sitting in a warehouse at the Colombian border, cross into Venezuela.

So far the Venezuelan armed forces have mostly kept loyal to Maduro, who has repeatedly claimed his compatriots are ready to repel any foreign-led aggression.

"If they dare to keep blocking the routes, and creating obstacles to the lives of Venezuelans, we'll go to open them, with the people, the security forces", Guaido said.

He said three more warehouses would be opening up in the region shortly and that his countrymen could count on aid arriving "as soon as they open the border gates in the next few days".

In a press conference with national and global media, the president urged the European authorities not to impose a single thought of interference as the USA head of state, Donald Trump, tries to do under his premise of seizing world wealth.

Guaido said Thursday he was confident his efforts to bring humanitarian aid into the country would work out.

"When we have sufficient supplies, we are going to make a first entry attempt".

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The director of the Colombian emergency department, Eduardo Jose Gonzales Angulo, said the delivery of aid was a five-stage process but that the final two stages - moving the aid to the border and distributing it within the country - would be up to Guaido and his team.

Venezuela frequently suffers from power cuts, a lack of running water and public transport, while there is also a shortage of doctors and medical supplies in hospitals.

Helping the needy is not Guaido's only aim, though.

The 35-year-old argues Maduro was re-elected last year in a sham vote and the country must hold new presidential elections.

Guaido says the constitution allows him to assume power, set up a transitional government and hold new elections-one of his key demands that has received widespread worldwide support.

"We expect more to come", U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker said.

And he still has faith that the military can be won over, appealing to their sense of humanity. "It would be nearly miserable at this point of huge necessity not to accept it", he said. "Humanitarian aid does not substitute for the economy of a country".

Guaido said the military has to decide whether to "take the side of the constitution" or to "continue on the side of an increasingly isolated dictator".

"When we see the present stand-off it becomes even more clear that serious political negotiations between the parties are necessary to find a solution leading to lasting peace for the people of Venezuela", Dujarric continued.

  • Sonia Alvarado