Nintendo Announces The New ‘Dr

Nintendo has confirmed that the launch of Mario Kart Tour has been pushed back to this summer. That's according to Nintendo's Q3 financial results that document the company's performance and earnings for the nine month period that ended December 31, 2018.

We also heard about the opening of a new Nintendo store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Nintendo shares lost 29 percent of their value past year as investors questioned the Switch's ability to appeal beyond hardcore gamers and the strength of the games pipeline.

The game has had several remakes and re-releases since, and Dr. Mario is a fighter in Super Smash Bros., but it's never been one of Nintendo's most visible franchises. This means that Dr. Mario World could be the first Nintendo mobile game that is the real deal.

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Products like Pikachu dolls and other merchandise featuring Nintendo characters, such as a Monopoly board game starring Super Mario, are some examples of how the company hopes to cash in on its rich content. Dr. Mario World is targeting an early summer 2019 global release, including Japan and the United States.

The game is described by Nintendo as a "puzzle" title, of course, while thy also say it'll be "Free to download with optional in-app purchases".

Nintendo fans are somewhat used to delays here and there, then. It was the first time that Mario had been playable on another game platform.

Mario Kart for iPhone will operate in a similar way to that of Dr. Mario World.

  • Michelle Webb