Nuclear Nightmare: India and Pakistan are on the Brink

Ghafoor, the Pakistani military spokesman, said the strikes were aimed at "avoiding human loss and collateral damage".

He added, "we need to use wisdom and sense to resolve the dispute with India".

The Canadian government also is urging caution for those travelling to certain parts of India and Pakistan.

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu has called for a de-escalation of tensions and a resolution on the Kashmir conflict. It is being said that Pakistan had not formally informed India about the detention of the pilot which it claimed to have in its custody.

Turkish foreign minister added that Ankara ready to play its part to ease tension between Pakistan, India.

UAE airlines have suspended flights to Pakistan after the country closed its airspace in response to two Indian jets being shot down in Kashmir. "Pakistan will be forced to retaliate with nuclear weapons, which could, of course, lead to very serious destruction in the region", he said. A terse Indian announcement that a pilot was missing only heightened the suspense before his video recorded statement emerged.

"We don't want to go on the path of war", he said.

Pakistan has not said anything about losing one of its planes.

Pakistan shut its airspace, with commercial flights in the country cancelled.

A CAA source said all airlines had been notified.

Facing a general election due by May, Modi is under substantial pressure after blaming Pakistan for the worst attack on security forces in Kashmir in several decades earlier this month.

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Despite Geneva Convention rules prohibiting the public display of prisoners, the military circulated a video of the Indian pilot, who was recorded saying he was being well treated.

Pakistan's military released footage showing the pilot in good health-presumably to ward off criticisms that had followed of the mistreatment of Indian pilots during the 1999 Kargil War. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, says one of the pilots is injured and is being treated in a military hospital.

"Both countries have the capability and capacity, but war is actually the failure of policy, which India needs to understand", he said.

Dalton expressed concern that domestic political considerations may tempt leaders to escalate the crisis.

Pakistan has sought help from the United Nations to de-escalate the situation, while India - which is facing national elections in a few weeks - reached out to countries including USA, U.K., China, France and Russian Federation and urged the government in Islamabad to take action against terrorist groups based in the country. The Pakistani officer goes on to ask him about his squadron to which Abhinandan replies, "I am not supposed to tell you that". Which is the way of peace.

Offering to defuse tensions Imran said: "Let us open the corridor of negotiations and settle all outstanding issues".

Pakistan army on Wednesday claimed that the country's air force has shot down two Indian fighter jets that crossed into Pakistani territory. Two Indian MiGs who entered Pakistani airspace today after our retaliation were shot down.

Meanwhile, Indian police said officials recovered seven bodies from the wreckage of the Indian air force chopper that crashed in an Indian-controlled sector of Kashmir, including six Indian airmen and a civilian on the ground. He had said earlier that two pilots were captured, but did not explain the discrepancy.

Fighter jets patrolled the skies above Srinagar, the capital of disputed Kashmir, throughout Tuesday night as India and Pakistan traded mortar fire a few hundred miles away at the ceasefire border.

The Indian Air Force has 2102 aircraft, which includes 676 fighter and 809 attack - but still comes behind China, with 2,955 aircraft overall.

Pakistan said on Wednesday morning it had carried out strikes into India to demonstrate its right to self defence a day after Indian jets hit its own territory.

  • Sonia Alvarado