Dictionary.com Weighs In On Kylie Jenner's 'Self-Made' Billionaire Label Again

In a special issue of Forbes released Tuesday, the money magazine says the Kardashian clan's most junior sibling has taken the title of youngest self-made billionaire from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who was all of 23 when he hit the 10-figure mark in 2008.

Jenner, whose net worth is estimated at one billion United States dollars (£761 million), has appeared on Forbes' billionaires list for the first time, ranked at number 2,057 overall.

She is also declared as the "youngest self-made billionaire ever". In case you forgot, people were a little upset that the mag categorized her as "self-made".

It's also estimated her business racked in about US$360m in sales just past year.

Of her success, she added: "I didn't expect anything".

Last year, Kylie Cosmetics did an estimated $508 million in sales, according to Forbes.

Step aside, Mark Zuckerberg. Back in 2018, Forbes had put Kylie on their list of self-made American women.

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She is daughter to Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, both millionaires with wealthy networks, and has more than 175 million followers across all her social media.

Made such by one's own actions, or having achieved success or prominence by one's own efforts.

Last July, she made headlines (and caused a slight controversy) when she appeared on the magazine's cover. "She didn't inherit the business, she didn't get money, and she created it all herself".

"The thing about Kylie Jenner, she's not even that good looking is she?" Her $29 lip kits sold out in Ulta stores across the nation and earned plenty for the Ulta organization.

"When you say self-made billionaire, I just thought she'd got it because her sister made a sex tape and that is why they all became hugely rich".

Although Kylie definitely hustles hard with her cosmetics company, a lot of people don't like to forget that she comes from one of the most well-known families on reality TV today.

Yes, Kylie had a massive social media network, but it was Kylie who managed it, kept it fresh, and engaging.

  • Michelle Webb