GOP: Release Clinton, Obama, Comey docs along with Mueller report

Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, gave an interview to the Washington Post, where he rejected Mueller's findings, stating that "undoubtedly there is collusion".

Attorney General William Barr has summarized Mueller's report with a four-page letter Sunday, concluding there is no criminal conspiracy nor obstruction of justice on behalf of President Trump, despite Schiff's continued claims to the contrary.

After almost two years, the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation has concluded with no charges of coordination or conspiracy between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians to influence the 2016 election. The special counsel left unresolved questions about whether the president obstructed justice.

Republicans picking up on Trump's complaints formalized their demand that Schiff resign as chairman of the intelligence panel over his comments that there was significant evidence the president and his associates conspired with Russian Federation. He said that makes him unfit to lead the committee, and said all nine Republicans "urge your immediate resignation as chairman".

They said his public statements implied knowledge of classified facts at the same time anonymous leaks were appearing in the media. Material collected ranges from a $15,000 ostrich jacket worn by President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman to emails and encrypted text messages to hard drives and laptops.

"You might say that's all OK". But I don't think it's OK. I think it's immoral. "I think it's unpatriotic and, yes, I think it's corrupt - and evidence of collusion", Schiff said.

Trump's comments come days after the first person charged in the investigation, ex-campaign aide George Papadopoulos, applied for a pardon.

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Mr. Schiff reacted angrily as he convened a hearing with four expert witnesses on Russian influence operations and the actions of oligarchs to aid President Vladimir Putin.

When asked by reporters at the White House earlier this month if he could consider pardoning Manafort, Trump demurred, saying, "I have not even given it a thought as of this moment". So, Adam Schiff's got to make a decision about his political future.

Representative Mike Conaway told Schiff that he and his Republican colleagues "have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your constitutional responsibility".

Among those Mr. Trump said should be investigated are former FBI Director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

"We should not be used as a platform to spread false information and freaky conspiracies", said Republican Devin Nunes, the ranking committee member.

While Republicans have been very critical of the investigation after Mueller did not establish there was a conspiracy between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, Comey believes the report actually rehabs the FBI's image by showing that the organization is not "a nest of vipers and spies, but an honest group of people trying to find out what is true".

  • Sonia Alvarado