Heads up: Northern lights could be visible this weekend

Predicting exactly when and where the Northern Lights will be visible is very challenging.

The geomagnetic storm means the aurora may be visible Saturday afternoon in the dark northern European sky, but not in Minnesota. Active-minor geomagnetic storm periods possible with low risk of moderate storms.

The best views are likely to be in the Scottish Highlands, or in the east in Dundee and Aberdeen where the sky is forecast to be fairly clear.

Thanks to a solar flare on the surface of the sun this week, a geomagnetic storm could be visible in the skies over parts of MI this weekend.

The Northern Lights are created by disturbances in Earth's magnetosphere caused by a flow of particles from the Sun.

The aurora is likely to extend through the state of MI and Wisconsin into northern IL.

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One such Ejection occurred on Wednesday (20 March), following a solar flare. But it could be good news for residents of Syracuse, New York, where clear skies are forecasted for Saturday night.

They can spread further south when the concentration of particles is higher, for instance following a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of plasma from the sun. The chances of observing the Northern Lights diminish as you head south because lights from Indianapolis make it more hard to see. Viewing conditions will depend on the weather in your area.

In addition to finding dark skies away from the glare of city lights, observers will also need a little luck from Mother Nature, with clear skies needed.

"As a result, aurora may be visible in Scotland where cloud breaks".

Additional reporting from Press Association.

  • Sonia Alvarado