Here are the game companies that will support Apple Arcade

The world's second-most most valuable technology company lifted the curtain on a television and movie streaming service called Apple TV+ that will stream television shows and movies - both Apple originals and those from other creators - to users of its 1.4 billion gadgets worldwide, smart TVs and other devices.

There's also chatter about an Apple News subscription service, as well as a special Apple Credit Card, which might take the stage as well.

Apple says its new subscription News Plus service will not track what you read. All the games will also be available offline, meaning that you won't need a constant WiFi connection to keep gaming. Pricing was not announced.

It's always been known that Apple would be entering the streaming service game - and they've finally made it official with the announcement of Apple TV+.

If you're looking for Black Mirror-style content and stuff that's super dark, it doesn't look like Apple TV+ is for you.

Here are the game companies that will support Apple Arcade
Here are the game companies that will support Apple Arcade

The Apple TV update to this new experience is coming in the Apple TV hardware as well as in the iPhone app.

"The much anticipated Apple News+ app hit the Canadian market today, and Global News and Entertainment Tonight Canada are proud to be a part of it", said Ron Waksman, VP, News Content & Editorial Standards, in a statement.

Apple is expected to announce Monday that it's launching a video service that could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself. Apple Arcade isn't a streaming service like other platforms, but a place where gamers can download and play titles from the App Store. The games will be available for Apple mobile devices, as well as Macs and Apple TV, and Apple also teased support for game controllers. Walt Disney Co, which bought 21st Century Fox, and AT&T Inc, which purchased Time Warner Inc, plan to launch or test new streaming video services this year.

Publications include Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. Then the stars showed up after a dramatic black and white video featuring Ron Howard, Octavia Spencer, Reese Witherspoon, J.J. Abrams, M. Night Shyamalan, Sofia Coppola, Steven Spielberg and Hailee Steinfeld discussed the process of making movies and TV. Thai mentioned that Apple won't collect data on how gamers play without their consent. Though Apple News+ makes curated recommendations based on your browsing and reading activity, it does so by downloading groups of articles from its servers and using on-device intelligence to make those recommendations.

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