Irish drivers warned to get paperwork for ‘no-deal’ Brexit

She said: "By committing Labour to holding a second referendum, despite promising to implement Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn has shown once again that he can not be trusted to keep his promises".

Dominic Raab said it was time for Britain to "stand up" to the European Union, as he warned a delay to the UK's withdrawal would reduce the chance of securing a deal.

He is the 14th member of Theresa May's government to resign over Brexit.

With just 30 days to go before Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union, the Parliament endorsed Prime Minister Theresa May's concession that if the MPs can not agree on a deal to sever ties with the continent, Brexit might have to be delayed.

And the prime minister's standing among her European peers has plummeted since November.

As the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said in Austria yesterday: "We have finished our work".

Theresa May has said she will allow MPs to vote on an extension to the two-year negotiation period set down in the EU's Article 50 if she has not secured Parliament's approval for her deal by March 12.

"But I think trying to use Northern Ireland - given the history of that conflict, given the secessionist tendencies in other European countries - in order to put pressure on us in the way that they have, no, I don't think that's right".

Corbyn, who voted against membership in 1975 and gave only reluctant backing to the 2016 campaign to remain in the European Union, on Wednesday gave ambiguous backing for another referendum, saying he would push for one alongside a national election.

That was enough to avert a showdown in Parliament on Wednesday with lawmakers - including ministers in her own government who had said they were prepared to join a rebellion this week to avert an exit with no agreement.

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"Today, above all, we need a decision", Barnier said at a press conference in Vienna.

Rights for Britons residing in countries across the European Union and vice versa could be protected by a "separate deal" during ongoing Brexit developments, despite British Prime Minister Theresa May saying this would not be possible without a brand new EU mandate.

"We continue to see the most likely outcome of the current impasse as eventual ratification of the prime minister's Brexit deal, with a three-month extension of Article 50", Goldman Sachs said.

"I'm strongly against any delay, and I think from the EU's point of view it signals to them that actually their intransigence pays off and that's the wrong message for the United Kingdom to be sending to Brussels at this moment".

Mrs May has now promised that if her latest deal is voted down, lawmakers will get a chance to vote on whether to leave with no deal or to ask the E U to delay the deadline.

If there is a deal, there will be no change for citizens and businesses until at least the end of 2020.

If May's deal is rejected, parliament will get to vote by March 13 on whether or not to go for a March 29 no-deal.

MPs also voted on several other amendments from backbenchers, including approving without a vote Conservative Alberto Costa's stipulation that May must seek a treaty on citizens' rights after Brexit under any scenario.

A vote in the British parliament on Tuesday resulted in May having to gain support for an altered deal by 12 March.

  • Sonia Alvarado