Miley Cyrus brings back her Hannah Montana look!

Miley later uploaded a video of herself, sharing it with her 41.9 million Twitter followers, of her in her auto singing the title theme tune to Hannah Montana, "Best of Both Worlds". "All me", she wrote over a screenshot of an article that referenced hair extensions.

Miley Cyrus shocked fans after debuting a new hairdo that looked eerily similar to Hannah Montana, the titular Disney show singer she played for six years.

And it seems like she misses the role to some extent since she put the wig back on yesterday, and even danced to Best of Both Worlds and Nobody's ideal! Predictably, right after posting, social media went insane and fans proudly shared and re-posted more of her IG Stories while also showing SO much love to the former Disney superstar!

Cyrus shared a rationale for the change on Twitter, telling her fans in a video that "it was so hard going back and forth that I decided I'll just be Hannah forever".

But let's not get our hopes up yet since the insider explained that at this time, there are "no plans" for a reboot of Hannah Montana.

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"No! All me", she commented on Instagram.

Not only did she sing along to the show's iconic theme song, but she took some time out to bop to the Migos hit "Hannah Montana".

"It's all me", she said. "#10YearChallenge." Honestly, we can hardly tell the difference, girl. According to Miley, she's punk now. The new look doesn't appear to have any real connection to a Hannah Montana comeback or anything.

And as you might expect... fans went insane seeing her do it!

  • Michelle Webb