Netflix tests 50% cheaper mobile-only subscription plan in India

We may, however, also get fresh details about the iPhone maker's planned game subscription bundle, for which new details have emerged over the weekend suggesting that Apple doesn't intend to use the gaming package as a way to directly compete with rival offerings like Google Stadia.

The company's chief executive Reed Hastings draws parallels between movies and Netflix content saying that paying for Netflix is like going to the theatres and that there's more to watch. The company's product VP Todd Yellin recently gave a keynote in Mumbai explaining the streaming service's content expansion plans, which will include interactive TV shows and more Netflix original Indian content.

The move comes amid deepening woes for the news sector facing a hard transition to the digital world where few people want to pay for information and advertising is problematic.

And there's a good chance Apple could decide to work with other content companies rather than battle against them.

The number of video streaming subscribers worldwide overtook cable customers for the first time in 2018, according to The Motion Picture Association of America. That could make a lot of sense for the streaming giant, which brought its service to India in 2016, and was soon followed by Amazon's Prime Video. In March, the spring event comes in as announcements for new service launches and future developments, the WWDC in June sees the announcement of new operating systems in beta mode for developers to test and develop new apps and software. However, there are reports of a few too many top news websites, such as NYT, are said to keep away from Apple's news service.

Apple is investing in original content, at least some of which will be available for free to Apple device users within the TV application.

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Netflix tests 50% cheaper mobile-only subscription plan in India

Apple shares have risen more than 10% in March to a four-month high ahead of Monday's event.

Of course, most Netflix subscribers are happy to pay the newly increased prices. Last year, the company also opened its India office in Mumbai and has acquired a 1.5 lakh sq ft office space in the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) of Mumbai. However, there is news circulating that the Apple Stores and Apple Service Centers can solve the issue without the involvement of any party. Last year, the Times generated over $700 million in digital revenue, close to the company's target of $800 million in annual digital sales by 2020.

It would be impressive if Apple just offered all its services in one, like $20 (or £15 / AU$25) for everything including Apple Music, newspapers and magazines. Netflix and Hulu won't be involved. However, the New York Times and the Washington Post will not be part of it.

Apple based the service on Texture, an app it acquired a year ago.

Ives said he believes Apple's services business will be "worth roughly US$400 billion (RM1.62 billion) on a standalone basis".

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