Watch Google's big gaming announcement here, live

Google was finally able to unveil Google Stadia, its new gaming platform that is built upon game streaming.

Games have inspired people to pursue careers in technology and play an important role in the development of Google technology and infrastructure, Pichai said.

If, for instance, you're watching a trailer for a game, you can click "play now" and start playing within a matter of seconds. "No download, no patch and no install", Harrison said.

That means it's going to launch with immediate support for a variety of screens: desktop, laptop, TV, tablet, and smartphone. Content creator MatPat spoke about how YouTube creators will be able to use the Stadia to not only improve their videos, but also to help connect with their audiences using Crowd Play. It also has a capture button (for easy access to streaming, another key pillar of Stadia), and a Google Assistant button.

Google declined to say how it would price its technology to consumers or game makers or specify supported games. According to the release today, games like Doom Eternal will be available on Google Stadia at some point-in fact, during the presentation it was revealed that the entire game has already been ported over.

You can find out more about the Stadia at its official Facebook page, YouTube page, Twitter page, and official website.

Google's Phil Harrison promised that what was showcased isn't a test or a concept. More details to come this summer.

Watch Google's big gaming announcement here, live
Watch Google's big gaming announcement here, live

Other features: The system will allow you instant access.

Stadia is being built with the help of PC giant AMD, which is offering a custom GPU for the platform's server-side processing (remember, nothing is really happening on the device Stadia gamers use to play games). Google is slated to announce its vision for gaming later Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference.

The company just took the wraps off Stadia, it's game streaming service. The Stadia Controller has a Google Assistant button for Assistant fun, but it has a quick sharing button for gameplay shares, connects over WiFi, and looks very Googly.

The last feature Google showed off was called State Share - i.e. the ability for you to share any spot in your adventure with anyone via a Google link.

Google is hardly the first company to pursue video-game streaming, but it will be the first of the big three cloud companies to ship a service created to stream the most demanding console games, assuming everything remains on course.

Google is also launching its own first-party games studio called Stadia Games and Entertainment, which will be led by Jade Raymond, founder of Ubisoft Toronto and executive producer on the Assassin's Creed series. By pressing the above-pictured sequence, players enabled cheats and other effects.

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