Majority Americans Oppose President Trump's Impeachment, Reveals New Poll

Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer who once said he was so close to the president that he'd "take a bullet" for him, also co-operated with Mueller and delivered unflattering details. According to Mueller's report, on February 14, 2017, Trump had said to an advisor, "Now that we fired Flynn, the Russian Federation thing is over". The report from special counsel Robert Mueller, which was released last week, depicted McGahn as a key figure who could have witnessed obstruction of justice by Trump. Notably, Trump pressured former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to "un-recuse" himself from the probe, dismissed former FBI director James Comey ostensibly due to the investigation and tried to force White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller. The Times then reported in April 2018 that in December, Trump had said in definitive terms that the Mueller investigation, which began in May 2017, must be shut down.

Lewandowski set up a June 20 meeting with Sessions, Sessions had to cancel, and Lewandowski made a decision to have a White House official, Rick Dearborn, deliver the message to Sessions, his old boss.

"Call me back when you do it", McGahn recalled Trump telling him, the report said. Multiple people corroborated parts of this account.

Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard who has been critical of Trump, said the US founding fathers had considered but ultimately scrapped the idea of allowing the Supreme Court to have any role in the impeachment process. The president's credibility is called into question by a majority of Americans, with 58 percent saying they believed he has lied to the public about matters under investigation by the special counsel.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin failed to meet a congressional deadline on Tuesday for turning over Trump's tax returns to the House tax committee, setting the stage for a possible court battle between Congress and the administration.

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The report cited "McGahn's clear recollection" that the president directed him to tell Rosenstein that "Mueller has to go".

A Democratic lawmaker on Thursday ratcheted up warnings to the Trump administration amid a growing standoff over subpoenas and oversight requests the White House says it will resist.

"This is a massive, unprecedented, and growing pattern of obstruction", Cummings added, warning federal employees to "think very carefully about their own legal interests" in refusing to comply with the panel's requests. Trump declined to sit for an interview with Mueller in which he would have had an opportunity to rebut other testimony. Meanwhile the Trump administration is stonewalling any congressional efforts to get at the truth through hearings or subpoenas. For that reason, investigations did not offer a conclusion as to whether the president's actions constituted obstruction. The report said Congress could address whether the president violated the law.

Meanwhile, Financial Service Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters of California said Trump should have "been gotten rid of already". And then I get out and the first thing is, 'Let's do it again, ' Trump said, referencing House Democratic-led investigations.

  • Sonia Alvarado