Sudan coup leader resigns, protesters celebrate 'triumph'

The protests then took on a new dimension as Sudanese citizens started calling for the resignation of Sudan's President Omar Bashir Bashir, who has been in power for almost 30 years.

He said al-Bashir's top government members, including the vice president and associates, are also under arrest but didn't elaborate.

The 75-year-old al-Bashir is in custody, Zein Abedeen said, but declined to provide more details or say where the president of 30 years is being held.

He pledged the military would stay only as long as it's needed.

"Sudan's military authorities should ensure that emergency laws are not used to undermine people's rights".

Sudanese citizens have paid a high price in blood and courage for the overthrow of Omar Al Bashir's regime in Thursday's military coup in Sudan.

So far only Egypt, whose protests led to military rule before civilian rule was restored, has supported the Sudan army for taking over power. It is important to recall that the army's intervention in the region has not resulted in democratic transitions as experienced in Egypt, where the army took control of both politics and the economy after a coup.

Burhan's record appears to be cleaner than the rest of al-Bashir's generals, and he is not known to be implicated in war crimes or wanted by worldwide courts.

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"We, as a military council in our term, will not hand the president over overseas". Protestors swiftly rejected the takeover by the military, which said it would rule the country for two years.

Instead, he is Bashir would be tried in Sudan. "We will continue doing it until we have a civilian transitional government".

But the African Union whose opposition to recent coups has cornered the military to hasty retreats appeared less decisive saying Bashir's military ouster, was "not the appropriate response to the challenges facing Sudan and the aspirations of its people".

Thousands remained camped out near military headquarters in the capital, Khartoum, on Friday, ignoring a curfew declared by the military. Tens of thousands beat drums, sang and chanted slogans against the armed forces and Ibn Ouf after nightfall.

"Terrorist groups in Sudan may harm Westerners and Western interests through suicide operations, bombings, shootings and kidnappings", said the department.

He was then the head of military intelligence and security.

The news site reported that the recent stand-off has raised fears of a violent confrontation between protesters and the army. Algeria's protest movement has been overwhelmingly peaceful and driven by young people frustrated with corruption and unemployment and who want a new generation of leaders to replace people like Bouteflika, ailing and hobbled since a 2013 stroke. He also said Chief of Staff Kamal Abdelmarouf al-Mahi was relieved of his position as deputy head of the transitional military council.

"The three-month state of emergency is a clear indication that they intend to crush the uprising in this time", he said of the Sudanese military.

  • Sonia Alvarado