Oregon Rep. Suzanne Bonamici Joins Call For Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump

Trump says he pulled the plug on the meeting because Pelosi had earlier accused him of attempting to cover up alleged crimes related to a recently finished probe into his campaign's Russian Federation links. She claimed that it went down earlier in the day. "It's very hard to have a meeting where you accuse the president of the United States of a crime, and then an hour later show up and act as if nothing's happened".

"What we had today was real missed opportunity", he said.

After the meeting Wednesday, Trump made a statement in the White House Rose Garden, and said he could not negotiate "under these circumstances".

He said he told Pelosi: 'I want to do infrastructure.

"Nancy, thank you so much for your prayers, I know you truly mean it!"

Schumer said Trump had no intention of talking about infrastructure.

Cohen has testified that the check was partial reimbursement for the $130,000 he paid actress Stormy Daniels as hush money to cover up a sexual encounter she says she had with Trump. So get these phony investigations over with. "You can go down the investigation track, and you can go down the investment track". It just doesn't work that way'.

With the results finding no collusion and no finding of obstruction, Democrats were left gasping for words to use against the president.

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Abrams quickly rebuffed the idea of sharing the top of the ticket with Biden stating that "you don't run for second place". Whatever you think of homosexuality or gay marriage, I don't think it's particularly easy being gay.

Trump wants to be strong, and make Democrats appear weak, vacillating, and without clear principles.

Despite Trump's comments Wednesday about ceasing work with Democrats until investigations end, Sanders said "Staff-level conversations continue" on raising the USA debt limit, a critical piece of legislation that will need to be taken up in the coming months.

Many rank-and-file Democrats - and some 2020 presidential candidates - have demanded impeachment hearings.

Pelosi said Trump has established a pattern of unpredictability and at one point even joked about the Constitution's provision laying out the procedure for replacing a president.

Prominent Trump critic George Conway on Thursday posted a picture of President Trump's $35,000 check to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, along with a quote from Trump's Wednesday press conference: "I don't do cover-ups".

'The fact is, in plain sight in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice and he's engaged in a cover-up - and that could be an impeachable offense'.

Speaker Pelosi fears losing the House and The White House in 2020 if divisive impeachment proceedings begin.

However, any impeachment bid is highly unlikely to remove Trump from office. She thinks it would be for naught since the Republican controlled Senate would never vote to impeach.

  • Sonia Alvarado