Trump son Donald Jr. subpoenaed by Senate panel

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said first-son Donald Trump Jr. should be "locked up" if he refuses to comply with the Senate Intelligence Committee's subpoena.

WASHINGTON, May 10 ― US President Donald Trump rushed to his son's defence yesterday after a Senate panel ordered that Donald Trump Jr testify as part of its investigation into Russian Federation election interference.

President Donald Trump says he's "very surprised" that the Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed his eldest son. He says he was talking about his own committee's investigation.

Dupree said the subpoena showed that there remain some Republicans who think it may not be "case closed" in regard to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Asked whether Burr cleared the subpoena with McConnell in advance, a spokesman for the majority leader said McConnell has not directed Burr or the committee on anything during the probe.

It is also believed he was quizzed about his knowledge or involvement in a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow that Trump pursued even as he ran for president in 2016.

Burr repeatedly declined to speak with reporters Thursday.

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But Senator John Cornyn sounded unenthusiastic about hauling Trump Jr in for more questioning.

"That's a bit intriguing", Dupree said of the subpoena on "America's Newsroom", adding that until this point, the call for additional witnesses and a "follow-up to [Robert] Mueller. has been divided along partisan lines".

"My responsibility is to the institution and the equities of the committee, and I'm judged by the product that we produce and how we carry out the investigation", Burr said, adding that he could not let politics "influence what people think of the final report".

Trump spoke Thursday after the Associated Press and other news outlets reported the panel is calling in Donald Trump answer questions about his 2017 testimony to the panel as part of its probe into Russian election interference.

Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, appeared for a second closed-door session in late March.

Warner would not comment on whether the panel had issued the subpoena but said the committee is going to "follow the truth wherever it leads".

While McConnell said in his Tuesday speech that it was "case closed" on the Mueller probe, his office noted that he didn't go so far to say the intelligence panel's work was done. Burr and Warner have often won praise from the panel's members, and also from McConnell, throughout the probe.

  • Sonia Alvarado