Apple unveils a revamped Mac Pro desktop after years of complaints

Apple says both sides of the device are openable for user access. According to Apple, the three-dimensional interlocking hemisphere pattern simultaneously assists with airflow by maximizing surface area and makes the case rigid but lightweight.

The Mac Pro 2013 was a fantastic piece of engineering, that much can not be ignored, but with advances in technology, it has become hard to recommend, even for the most diehard Apple fan, when a similarly priced PC is just. better. It also introduces Apple Afterburner, a game-changing accelerator card that enables playback of three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video simultaneously. After the previous version of the professional-grade desktop Mac proved to be a controversial failure, it's been over five years since Apple has tried to placate what used to be one of its most loyal and lucrative customer bases. If the next MacBook Pro were able to carry out complete tasks for us using just Siri, that would be a game changer for time-strapped typists. Apple lists a 28-core processor with a much higher cache size, but the rest of the specs are similar, so the prices will likely be around the same.

Other specs for the display include a Thunderbolt 3 one-cable connectivity and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The device is configurable with up to 1.5TB of system memory.

There is now no South African pricing for the Pro Display XDR, but the United States dollar price tag for the Pro Stand is equivalent to around R14,400 at the time of writing. You can add a Radeon Pro Vega II (14 TFLOPS) or a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo (28 TFLOPS) with the MPX Module.

To keep the temperature under control, the Mac Pro has three fans at the front, just behind the new aluminum grille, which blow air across the system at a rate of 300 cubic feet per minute, and a blower. You'll need to spring for a screen to use the Mac Pro. However, that's exactly the reason why several PC enthusiasts might start taking Apple seriously. User feedback and input was highly valued this time, as opposed to the controversial launch of the 2012 Mac Pro where Apple was criticised for going for design over function. However, instead of seeing a new design, we see a comeback of a lot of features, sporting some new ones.

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The display is factory calibrated, and features super wide viewing angles, a specialized polarizing filter that maintains off-angle color quality, and a glare-reducing glass surface with an optional matte finish. The monitor starts at $4,999 Dollars with a glossy screen and $5,999 USD with an anti-reflective glass etching.

The display is VESA-mountable.

The stand also allows Pro Display XR to be rotated from landscape to portrait position and also offers adjustable tilt as well as height level. In addition, a special matte Pro Display XDR version with nano-texture tech for low reflectivity and less glare will also be available for $5,999.

The crowd stood in ovation for the courageous man, right before preordering their completely unnecessary Apple stand right there in the room.

  • Delia Davidson