Pokemon Sword & Shield Channels Godzilla With New Dynamax Mechanic

If you're still high on the artistic triumph that was the live-action movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, then you may have forgotten that there's also a brand new exciting Pokemon video game coming later this year. Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in The Galar Region, which is an expansive land that hints from the Pokemon company have hinted is at least partially based on the United Kingdom.

There's no word on if things like Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves - the two other once-a-battle twists that Game Freak added in previous generations - will be returning for Sword and Shield, but it stands to reason that they'll appear in some form.

At present, we know precious little about the game - we pretty much only know the three starters and the region the game is set in (an analogue of the British Isles).

For me though the cooler additions are the new "Wild Area" zones.

Of course, we also saw some new faces, humans and Pokemon alike.

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Finally, the two main legendary Pokemon for Sword and Shield were revealed today.

The update for "Pokemon Sword" and "Shield" came in a June 5 Nintendo Direct and can be seen on YouTube.

Variety also reports a new battle mechanic called Dynamax will allow Pokemon to balloon to giant proportions, which increases their attack power. But now we know about snapping turtle Drednaw, crow taxi Corviknight, scared sheep Pokemon Wooloo, and flower Pokemon Gossifleur that involves into cotton-headed Eldegoss.

Oh, and the game's legendaries are essentially big woofers: Zacian and Zamazenta. And maybe we'll even get a firm release date for the games as well.

Do you think the Assistant Sonia craze is substantiated or will Misty always be the red-haired Pokemon gal for you?

  • Delia Davidson