Google announces Gallery Go, a lightweight photo gallery app for Android devices

This is way less than the 90MB installation size of Google Photos, making the app flawless for entry-level devices from Alcatel, Xiaomi, and Nokia.

Google has boosted its app lineup for Android Go - a lightweight alternative of its operating system for low-end phones - with a new addition: Gallery Go, a stripped-down substitute for Photos that uses machine learning to automatically organize your pics.

Although, the difference here is that it created to be used offline, which also takes up only 10MB of your phone space. As for editing, the app carries the same "Auto" enhancing as seen in the Google Photos app.

Many other tech apps have their lite versions already.

However, Google has also approached similarly to OS versions.

Particularly the smartphones which lack powerful processing.

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Google's new photos app is can now be downloaded from the Play Store.

Android Go is Google's lightweight platform that is meant to run on less powerful hardware as compared to the regular Android system.

Gallery Go does all of this without using a data connection or ever sending your photos back to the cloud, so this app may even become popular with the tinfoil hat brigade too.

The unique part about this app is that it works offline as well that will again help a lot of developing markets to have access to editing tools. The app works with SD cards as well so you can easily copy them from your handset.

Google Photos on the web allows users to hover over a video to get a preview, but it does not autoplay like on Android, the report noted.

  • Delia Davidson