New Tetris Battle Royale coming to phones

The twist comes in the form of a "100-player competitive mode" where players will try to top the leaderboards every season.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 29 ― After Tetris 99 did the improbable and brought the battle royale genre to one of the world's most famous and enduring video games, Tetris Royale appears to be converting the hit Nintendo Switch concept for mobile devices, with beta testing projected for sometime this year. As for the game, Tetris Royale will see you doing your thing rotating and stacking Tetrominos and clearing lines like a boss.

TetrIs Royale is a new battle royal Tetris game coming to IOS and Android. Gaming firm N3twork, in partnership with The Tetris Company, is developing its own multiplayer, last-person-standing version of the classic (and classically addicting) fit-the-falling-blocks-together game.

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"If you need to hone your skills, there's a solo Marathon mode which allows you to practice without the stress of other players", the report added.

Tetris Royale will come with a lot of different game modes.

Tetris Royale will also feature daily and seasonal challenges, as well as customisations, power-ups and boosters that can be used in battle. The companies are partnering up for multiple years, meaning there could be more than one game. You can keep an eye out for when the Beta opens by paying attention N3TWORK's Twitter and also the official Tetris Twitter. The game will then launch on iPhone, iPad and Android devices at a later date.

  • Delia Davidson