Nintendo Switch Light Is A Leaner, Cheaper, Longer Running Portable Gaming Console

Gyro Controls are still present, and you can pair up Nintendo's other controls such as extra Joy-Cons, the superb Pro Controller and even the Poke Ball Plus to this device if need be.

When will Nintendo Switch Lite be released?

Go to the "Home" menu and select "Controllers". Nintendo says you can still connect additional Joy-Cons to the console allowing for split screen multiplayer, but without the kickstand you'll have to fashion your own way to keep the Switch upright to play tabletop multiplayer. For those who now own a Nintendo Switch, the company is planning to let users transfer their data to the new system.

You can find out more information on the official Nintendo websites for the United Kingdom and U.S. here. The new handheld console has a more power-efficient chip and "slightly" improved battery life, Nintendo told the blog, and the same features could reach the new Switch. Another major difference is that the Switch Lite built-in Joy-Cons now feature a traditional D-pad rather than the four-button directional pad setup featured in the standard Switch.

How small is the Switch Lite?

As we mentioned earlier, the Switch Lite will be retailing for around $329.95 compared to the Switch's steep $469.95.

There were rumors that a second and more powerful Switch would be released this year, but Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser has specified that in 2019, only one new Switch will be released.

Measuring 8.2 by 3.6 inches, the Switch Lite will be noticeably more compact than the original 9.4 by 10cm Switch.

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Nintendo is also doing the iPhone 5c thing and making the Switch Lite in a few eye-popping, candy-shell colors, like yellow and teal (and a monochrome for those who prefer being boring).

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: "I play nearly exclusively with the Switch docked". Since the controllers are not removable and this console is handheld-only, motion controls won't work.

Is the lighter console better than the original Switch?

Nintendo will introduce a new Switch console this September: the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Switch Lite is marginally cheaper, but doesn't nudge it under the magical $300 mark in Australia.

Like the original Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite can play nearly all of the same games. Check out the image below to see its blue and red color scheme.

Is it the fabled Nintendo Switch 2?

There's also a special edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite releasing on November 11, 2019, just days before the release of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

  • Delia Davidson