Sanders set to mount vigorous defense of 'Medicare for All'

Trump won North Carolina in 2016.

Former vice president Joe Biden unveiled on Monday the health care plan he would implement if elected president, an expansion of Obamacare that would enshrine abortion on demand, and at taxpayer expense, into federal law.

In a series of tweets Sunday, he told four liberal USA representatives, all women of color, to "go back" to the "crime infested places from which they came".

Democratic groups have seized on the controversy. It would not apply to rank-and-file workers.

Overall, 24% say they back Biden, while 19% each support Sanders and Warren.

"We should be screaming at what President Trump is trying to do, eliminate Obama Care".

As if the thought of two sweaty septuagenarians cranking out reps wasn't enough, progressive godfather Berne Sanders entered the fray later on Tuesday, challenging the president to run a mile against him. The pledge lists more than 150 companies belonging to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and America's Health Insurance Plans, including Allstate Insurance and Eli Lilly & Co. Lanae Erickson, a senior vice president of social policy and politics at the centrist think tank Third Way, delivered these words of caution to far-leftists seeking to undermine Biden over his health care plan: "It gives a huge window for Donald Trump and Republicans to label Democrats as socialists and have that label stick". Harris got support from 23 percent of respondents, while Biden got 21 percent. The poll had a margin of error of 5.7 percentage points.

The Vilsacks did not formally endorse Biden's campaign for president.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who's pushed a public option on Capitol Hill already, urged Sanders, Harris and Sen. Warren lagged with 7%.

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Harris and Warren have both surged since that survey, while Biden has dropped and Sanders has remained steady.

The survey, conducted July 10-11 found that 43% of likely 2020 Democratic primary voters would vote for Biden if the election were held on the day of the survey.

Now that the health-care proposal has been made public, something new has emerged: "Barack and I" is more than a de facto campaign slogan - it might well be Biden's governing philosophy. At least not right away.

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".

With the party having lurched to the left on so many issues, including health care, many candidates have been embracing a proposal touted by Sanders during his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination four years back: Medicare for all. "It may be as good, you may like it as well, it may or may not, but the transition of dropping 300 million people on a totally new plan, I think is a little risky at this point". By any measure, it would be tremendously disruptive, and polls show that even if the idea of Medicare for All is popular, the elimination of private insurance is not. But that would eventually not be needed as there won't be a need. "Should we sit down and negotiate with them?"

He continued, apparently referring to Trump being overweight, by adding he might say: "C'mon, run with me, man". "The world's changed. It's different. He's the bully that used to make fun when I was a kid that I stutter, and I'd smack him in the mouth". "It's a different world". Some estimates project that the proposal could lead to thousands of deaths that could be prevented through a universal health care system such as Medicare for All.

On Wednesday, Trump is holding an evening rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

Other Democratic candidates have also accepted contributions from industry officials or lobbyists. On Thursday, they'll unveil which candidates will speak on which night.

  • Ismael Montgomery