Teen wins $3-million grand prize in Fortnite tournament

The Fortnite World Cup had the largest prize pool in e-sports history, with a total of US$30m shared amongst the winners of the different events.

A United States teenager has won a record-breaking $3 million grand prize in solo competition to become the inaugural Fortnite world champion.

The event is taking place at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. It's shown live on Twitch, a video game streaming platform.

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Winners in the solo and duo categories can each receive $3 million before taxes. Speaking from his NY hotel room, Josh - who is known in the online world by his gamertag LolB0om - says that the many hours of practice he has put in on the game Fortnite: Battle Royale are now paying off: "I am confident".

Fortnite, which is free to play, has 250 million users worldwide.

Game one kicked off and all eyes were on players like Mongraal, Benjyfishy, ZexRow and other pros who have made a name for themselves over the past year or so of Fortnite esports.

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In the first round of finals on Friday, teams of gamers competed in Creative mode, which allows more freedom for players to build and design structures than the shooter-survival game's traditional mode.

Qualified players include a mix of sponsored professionals and unknown global qualifiers who fought their way to the top of the ranks. The Celebrity Pro-Am will begin at 4 PM.

Turner Tenney - a Florida native who plays under the username Tfue - is one of the most famous players and a favorite for the win.

Giersdorf, known online as "Bugha", finished with almost double the points of the second place finisher in the inaugural Fortnite World Cup.

Will a surprising player be coming out on the top of the World Cup Leaderboards?

The 2019 Fortnite World Cup features a $1 million prize pool for the top-scoring players from Sunday's event.

On Saturday, during the Duos Finals, the crowd cheered the defeat of two players who had served a 14-day suspension for cheating earlier in the tournament. Players will participate in six matches, earning one point for each elimination and 10 points for every first place finish.

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