United Nations report cites 'shockingly high' number of likely 'executions' in Venezuela

Bachelet visited Venezuela last month and will present the report to the UN Human Rights Council on Friday.

The report, which United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet will present to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday, delivers a scathing critique of President Nicolás Maduro's embattled government and its handling of Venezuela's deepening political and economic crisis.

While the economic woes of Venezuela began well before any sectoral sanctions were imposed, the report says that the latest economic sanctions are further exacerbating the effects of the economic and humanitarian crises.

"The incidence of alleged extrajudicial killings by security forces... has been shockingly high", Ms Bachelet's office said in a statement. They then broke into their houses, assaulted the women and girls and stole belongings.

The report claims that in 2018, the Venezuelan government registered 5,287 killings which they classified as resulting due to "resistance to authority" being shown by those killed.

'Venezuela is certain that you, Bachelet, know that the report does not reflect the reality of what you saw (.) We demand the correction of its content, and we called for a thoughtful and respectful performance by your office, ' Castillo pointed out.

"Extrajudicial killings should be fully investigated with accountability of perpetrators and guarantees of non-recurrence".

The political uncertainty, along with the dire economic situation in the country has left many people struggling to survive, as reported in today by the UN.

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Government figures showed deaths ascribed to criminals resisting arrest numbered 5,287 last year and 1,569 by May 19 this year.

Families of 20 men had described how masked men dressed in black from Venezuela's Special Action Forces (FAES) had arrived in black pickups without licence plates.

She said all Venezuelans deserve "a better life" with access to "adequate basic human needs".

The report - which drew on 558 victim accounts, witnesses of violence and other sources - said the killings were part of a strategy by the government of President Nicolas Maduro aimed at "neutralising, repressing and criminalising political opponents and people critical of the government". Over 50 countries, including the United States, many South American neighbours of Venezuela and European countries, have recognized Opposition Leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate leader, even though Mr.

Venezuela said the report "privileges negative testimonies to the extreme, while hiding or minimizing measures adopted to advance human rights".

Bachelet said "there are reasonable grounds to believe that grave violations of economic and social rights, including the rights to food and health, have been committed in Venezuela".

Finally, UNICEF estimates that approximately 3.2 million children are in urgent need of healthcare and nutritional assistance; we urge the Maduro regime to facilitate unimpeded access to, and the the entry of, global humanitarian aid.

"I call on all those with the power and influence - within Venezuela and elsewhere - to work together, and to make the necessary compromises to resolve this all-consuming crisis", Bachelet said.

  • Sonia Alvarado