R. Kelly set to be arraigned in federal court in NY

The jailed Kelly was scheduled to appear Friday in federal court in Brooklyn.

Kelly would tell members of his entourage to obtain contact information from girls he wished to see again, the charges read, some of whom were invited to later concerts and provided with lodging.

Kelly was charged last month in the Eastern District of NY in an indictment that also accused him of violating the Mann Act by coercing and transporting women and girls across state lines to engage in illegal sexual activity as far back as 1999.

Anton stated he was directed to a listing that said R. Kelly was still in Chicago and he wishes that he can have time prior to entering court. He had one victim travel in 2017 to a show on Long Island, where he had unprotected sex with her without telling her "he had contracted an infectious venereal disease" in violation of NY law, they say.

He is also accused of kidnapping one of the victims and exposing another to a venereal disease without her knowledge.

The feds also allege "Kelly and his crew traveled throughout the United States and overseas to recruit these women and girls".

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Lawyers for Kelly have asked a NY judge to grant him bail so he can better fight the charges as they also seek his release in Chicago. On July 16, he pleaded not guilty to the 13 federal charges brought by the IL prosecutors.

Defense attorney Doug Anton argued that Geddes' claims were simply allegations and that Kelly always appeared in court. It says prosecutors aim to prove a "distinctive pattern and modus operandi" using testimony of victims, "insider-witnesses" previously employed by Kelly, medical records, phone records, photographs and other evidence.

"There's a serious risk he'll attempt to obstruct justice", Geddes said.

But in a filing this week, an attorney for Kelly blasted the government's characterization of the alleged racketeering enterprise, saying it was making the "stretch of all stretches" to "define the rock and roll employment of professionals and mutually desired and competitive fan and groupie/celebrity experiences as akin to criminal conduct".

Kelly's NY allegations are connected to multiple women including an unnamed fan and former radio station intern. "However, if that becomes hard, I may just have to wait until he is brought over to the Courthouse and ask for the ability to spend time with him in a preparation visitation alone, and/or with co-defense counsel".

  • Michelle Webb