Boris Johnson apologizes to Queen after House of Commons suspension

"But it is also self-evidently the case that the second largest party (Labour) should have the first chance to form that administration".

Under the plan, Jeremy Corbyn, who is the leader of the second-largest party in parliament, would briefly enter Downing Street with the sole goal of delaying Brexit, before triggering a general election.

Corbyn himself is a divisive opposition leader, having faced criticism for his vague Brexit stance and failure to stamp out anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. The most likely outcome would be an election at some point in November, and current polling indicates that the Conservative Party would walk away with a victory that would almost guarantee Johnson staying in power until 2024 at least.

Hosie warned that sending Corbyn to Downing Street may be the only way to ensure the United Kingdom does not crash out of the European Union on October 31.

"We have to do that because there is now no confidence that the prime minister will obey the law and seek the extension that parliament voted for only a few weeks ago", Hosie told the BBC.

Lawmakers have called Johnson's language "disgusting" in the Commons, with former Conservative MP Justine Greening calling it "deeply disrespectful" to Parliament.

"That's why the surrender act is so damaging", he added.

Asked in an interview with the BBC if he would resign so that he did not have to ask for a delay, Johnson said: "No, I have undertaken to lead the party and my country at a hard time and I am going to continue to do that".

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However he acknowledged that the Liberal Democrats were reluctant to support a measure which could see Corbyn installed in No 10 as prime minister.

"As his sister (Rachel Johnson) has reminded us, he is backed by speculators who have bet billions on a hard Brexit - and there is only one outcome that works for them: a crash-out no-deal Brexit that sends the currency tumbling and inflation soaring", he wrote in an article for The Times.

"If we are serious about the extension, that is the only game in town".

If any new government could not get the support of a majority of MPs, then an election would be held.

"[The Liberal Democrats] need to stop playing political games [and] get on board with everyone else".

It was a question they did not need to address since they had already found that the effect of the prorogation was itself unlawful and the MPs returned to the House of Commons a day later.

Mr Hosie stressed it was vital that opposition parties had a plan in place to secure a Brexit extension before triggering a no-confidence vote. The Labour leader reiterated to reporters that "our priority, all of us, is to prevent a no-deal exit from the European Union on the 31st".

  • Sonia Alvarado