Boris Johnson fails to get MPs backing for an early General Election

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson kicked off his first questions in parliament by goading opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for not backing a new general election.

Boris Johnson accused Jeremy Corbyn of wanting to "stop the people from voting".

Mr Corbyn and his allies are in favour of going for an election on the date favoured by Mr Johnson.

The bill would force the Prime Minister to seek a Brexit extension until the end of January if no agreement has been reached with the European Union by October 19. 298 of the required 434 MPs voted yes to an election. If Mr Johnson went to the ballot box with the anti-Brexit law in place, Mr Farage would likely stand against his candidates against Johnson's in every seat, likely splitting the pro-Brexit vote.

The effect is that it will be harder to offset the losses that the Tories could incur in areas that backed Remain, like London and Scotland, as well as those seats which the pro-EU Lib Dems will target.

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Shadow Foreign Office minister Helen Goodman said Mr Johnson was "trying with his friends in the press to bully us into agreeing an election at a time which is not in the national interest".

He said: "Let the Bill pass and have Royal Assent and then we can have a general election".

But fellow Labour MP Lucy Powell said: "There's no doubt a general election needs to happen & soon". The Daily Telegraph leads with suggestions the leader of the opposition is being a "chicken" by refusing to back an election.

Ben Bradshaw, the MP for Exeter, Devon, said: 'Labour and the other opposition parties must not save him, but ensure an election is only called after October 31st, when he will have failed completely'.

The defeat came after Parliament voted against a no-deal Brexit in a crushing blow to the Prime Minister. Businesswoman Mrs Miller, 54, previously took the Government to court over the triggering of Article 50 to take Britain out of the EU.

  • Sonia Alvarado