Hitachi temporarily laying off 120 Harrodsburg workers, citing GM strike

This has become a central focus of the strike.

Court documents say about 100 nonunion salaried GM employees and contractors remain working at the plant so it can resume normal operations when the strike ends. This year workers got checks for $10,750 each, less than last year's $11,500.

As of this week, striking workers will begin to collect $250 per week in strike pay from the UAW.

The UAW lost two major high-profile elections in the South in recent years, at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in June of 2019, and at Nissan in Canton, Mississippi, in August of 2017.

At the bargaining table, the two sides have yet to come up with a formula that would meet the union's demands to maintain health-care benefits and make temporary employees full-time.

This doesn't even include the restaurants and other businesses around the more than 30 USA factories that have been closed due to the strike.

Union workers said Sanders and Warren appear to be the best options for working people but are waiting for the primary field to narrow down in the coming months.

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Negotiations had extended late into Tuesday night, and by Wednesday morning UAW and GM subcommittees were back at it, according to people close to the talks cited by the Detroit Free Press. "They hadn't actually seen it in action, and now they are seeing it in action and their eyes are open-likely they haven't seen it before". A different 730 were laid off from an engine plant in St. Catherine's, Ontario, in accordance Unifor, the Canadian automobile staff union.

But there was a catch: these jobs would top out at a rate similar to auto parts suppliers', at about $17 an hour, compared with that of Tier One "legacy" assembly workers, who make about $31.

Mara Paulic, a 42-year GM employee, pickets outside the General Motors Fabrication Division, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, in Parma, Ohio. The UAW, however, is focused on getting commitments on providing a path to permanent employment and ensuring that new products are made in the United States.

The health care coverage paid for by the union's strike fund doesn't cover dental, vision, and hearing. And the extended the strike lasts, the even worse it will get for everybody.

GM and the UAW are reportedly far apart on a deal.

"He needs dental right now and there's much I can do about unless I want to pay out of pocket", Goralsky explained.

"It has been most extraordinary in terms of the education process that has gone on, I think it's been eye opening for our workers".

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