Fortnite Chapter 2 Trailer Leaks, Debuts New Map and Mechanics

The cinematic seen above played, and the end of it I was dropped straight into a solos game, which I have to admit was pretty cool. Many argue that the game could stand some variety.

You've explained this before, but what is "Fortnite" again? With everything gone, it seems Epic is preparing to deliver a brand new version of the game this week. The sport has been working for 10 seasons and now has 250m avid gamers.

The long (if you are a fan) wait for Fortnite to come back online is ending as the game is slowly coming back to life with updates available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A black hole consumed everything in the game on October 13, prompting widespread speculation that a major change is coming.

A man playing the Fortnite video game. Players enter the game by hang gliding into an island unarmed.

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All that was left was a black hole. As seen in the video below, the singularity pulled in players from the lobby, as well as all elements of the user interface.

Since the game ended, developer Epic deleted all of the more than 12,000 tweets on the Fortnite Twitter account, aside from the link to the stream of the black hole. This image says something about "Chapter 2" of Fortnite and we're clearly seeing a new map!

The first set of the game's new Fortnite Challenges have also apparently leaked, and include a range of tasks - from winning matches to catching fish - that'll no doubt help you progress your battle pass for season 1.

We're hoping that will happen sooner rather than later, but some reports have suggested the game may be down until Thursday. Rumours and leaks of the new map have been doing the rounds for quite some time now but this time it's really happening. All throughout Season 10, there were signs that Fortnite was approaching an unprecedented finale from time-twisting Rift Zones that brought back historic locations and a mysterious Visitor working away on a temporal fix.

  • Michelle Webb