Hong Kong violence escalates with Molotov cocktails, tear gas

China's government-run English-language newspaper China Daily on Tuesday warned "separatism will not be tolerated in any country" along with the hash-tag #HongKong and a video showing clashes between protestors and police at Barcelona airport.

Protestors wearing masks stand along a commercial shopping street in Hong Kong. Chinese banks including ICBC and the Bank of China were torched and had glass windows smashed up.

The ban sets the stage for possibly violent confrontations between police and protestors anxious about China encroaching on Hong Kong's special status.

The crisis in the Chinese-ruled city also poses the biggest popular challenge to China's President Xi Jinping since he took power. This prompted Beijing-friendly Lam to propose an extradition bill, which would allow prisoners to also be sent back to mainland China to face prosecution. The four were Figo Chan, 22, deputy convener at CHRF; Leung Kwok-hung, 63, of the League of Social Democrats; Albert Ho, 68, former chairman of the Democratic Party and current chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China; and Cyd Ho, 65, vice chairman of the Labour Party.

Lam received a letter on Friday from Chan Tong-kai, a Hong Kong man who has been accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend during a Valentine's Day trip to Taiwan, saying he had made a decision to surrender himself to Taiwan, according to a statement on the Hong Kong government website.

Organizers said ahead of the march that they wanted to use their right to protest as guaranteed by Hong Kong's constitution despite the risk of arrest. Protesters, ranging from young students to the elderly, many carrying umbrellas to shield their faces from street surveillance cameras, face arrest. "We'll be out for as long as it takes to let the world know it is them who are destroying it", said Ray, 24, who plans to go home after a few hours as he fears arrest.

A protester sprays on a man who was trying to stop them for vandalising near the Tsim She Tsui police station.

Thousands of Hongkongers took to the streets in the afternoon on October 20 despite a police ban just days after a prominent activist was brutally attacked by thugs who are still at large.

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Meanwhile, the man whose criminal case was raised in government arguments for the extradition bill has indicated he wants to surrender to Taiwanese authorities.

In contrast, pro-democracy figures have been attacked in a noticeably more targeted way, with at least eight prominent government critics, including politicians, beaten by unknown assailants since mid-August.

"This lays bare Carrie Lam's hypocrisy". Others wore masks depicting Pepe the Frog, a character that has become a symbol for the Hong Kong protesters.

"You can't ask a city that already has freedom to walk backward". Earlier this week, Lam was twice shouted down in the city's legislature by opposition lawmakers as she attempted to deliver her annual policy address.

While agreeing to withdraw the bill, Lam has rejected the other demands.

Thousands of people, including families with children, have previously defied police to stage mass rallies without permission.

Hardliners have embraced widespread vandalism, while riot police have responded with increasing volleys of tear gas, rubber bullets and, more recently, live rounds.

  • Darren Santiago