Report suggests Google Pixel Buds 2 on the way

You can clearly see the camera module, the lack of a fingerprint sensor, and the large forehead housing the new front-facing sensors. What's not clear is if Google will move with the trends and release the Pixel Buds as a Google Assistant-enabled set of fully wireless earbuds? According to Google, the feature will only come to select Android devices running Android 10.

How will the Personal Safety app work? Personal Safety has been discovered by XDA Developers in the Play Store.

For the moment, the application is said to be in an experimental format in the United States. However, it's not yet known whether it would be exclusive to Pixel 4 handsets or would be available on all Pixel devices. "Keep in mind, Pixel may not be able to detect all crashes, and high impact activities may activate vehicle crash detection". After this, the app sounds an alarm at full volume and asks if the user is okay. It will ask twice, and if there's still no response, it will automatically call 911 and send your location to the emergency services. Based on those images, it appears people will have more than one opportunity after a detected accident to confirm that they're okay and prevent an emergency call from being placed; the demo apparently asks twice for a response before initiating the 911 process. Instead, it will ask whether it was a minor crash or no crash, which would help the app improve its detection accuracy over time. This would be particularly useful when you find yourself in a unsafe situation. Apple's Fall Detection can detect when you have fallen over.

Apple Watch calls 911 for biker left unconscious after fall
It is important to note that fall detection is not turned on by default, except for Watch users who are over the age of 65. Apart from being an accident, his Apple Watch detected the hard fall and sent the map and location to him.

If your phone detects that you've been in a vehicle crash, it can help reach 911 for you. Past year alone, about 40,000 people died in road accidents in the US. However, it's expected to be available only on the Pixel 4 and 4 XL phones out on October 15, 2019. Since Pixel phones are always listening for the "Hey/Okay Google" hot-word to activate the Google Assistant, it seems plausible that they could constantly listen out for sounds relating to a auto crash, too.

You can purchase the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL from the below link. Google is now back onto the business as well. Not only is it a great feature for those that are deaf or hard of hearing, but it's also incredibly convenient for those unfortunately instances you've forgotten to bring your headphones on a commute or long journey. It would allow you to shift your focus to more important tasks instead of listening to the same "Your call is very important to us" message again and again for several minutes. In the true spirit of Pixel related leaks as we lead up to the phone's launch, we now have yet another leak about the phone, and this time, it's a really official looking render. The reason behind such a large (compared to other phones) top bezel is the hardware Google had to shove at the top of the phone, including the radar used by Project Soli.

  • Delia Davidson