Russia, Saudi Arabia to ink US$700mil deal on aircraft leasing

Having a foreign sovereign investor, as well as a listing on a foreign stock exchange, could be a part of the later strategy to sell around 5 per cent of the state-owned company to private investors.

Russia is committed to developing bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia, which have been ongoing for the past 90 years, said Putin, who added that Saudi-Russian cooperation is important to ensure stability in the Middle East.

As Trump reinstated USA sanctions, increasing pressure on Iran's economy, there have been a series of attacks in Saudi Arabia and in Gulf waters that Washington and close allies have blamed on Iran, which denies responsibility. His last visit was in 2007.

Russian Federation considers coordination with Saudi Arabia as a necessary element to ensure security in the Middle East and North Africa, Putin said. Saudi Arabia also remains anxious about Iran. But while they appeared to favor Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran and other world powers, as tensions across the Persian Gulf grew, there were increasing doubts.

Iran's attack on two Saudi oil plants left Saudi Arabia's output depleted and also provoked oil markets to spiral out of control for a few days.

He added: "For the defence of one's country, we are ready to provide help to Saudi Arabia".

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On Syria, where Russian Federation and Iran have been key allies of President Bashar al-Assad in an 8-1/2-year civil war, Putin said any new constitution that is drawn up should guarantee the rights of all ethnic and religions groups.

The sale never materialised, however, as Saudi Arabia eventually opted to purchase a U.S. system. Since an intervention in 2015, Russian Federation has been allied with Assad, providing air power and other support in an often brutal conflict.

He also highlights that Russian air defence systems could more likely shoot down USA or Israeli warplanes than those of Iran since they could identify the USA -made planes as unfriendly.

The Russian president is due to arrive in Saudi Arabia on Monday and then heads to the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

"The political leadership of Saudi Arabia just needs to make a wise state decision", Putin said, pointing to the purchase of the S-300 missile system by Iran and the S-400 missile system by Turkey.

In his interview with Arab media outlets on Sunday, Putin emphasized the positives of his relationships with Saudi Arabia and the UAE but made no secret of his government's ties to Iran and Syria. "I am convinced that as highly intelligent people, they listen and analyze everything they hear".

  • Sonia Alvarado