Georgia Bulldogs Ranked 4th In CFP Rankings After Hectic Week

According to the poll, the top four teams in college football are LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Minnesota.

College Football Playoff Top 25 Rankings have just been announced tonight November 12, 2019. Clemson moved up two spots to No. 3 after two teams ahead of the Tigers lost for the first time last week, including Alabama. Neither of those gatherings has an undefeated group in the blend, inviting a one-misfortune SEC group to poke them out.

Based on the committee's own criteria, judgement aside, Alabama is not a playoff team, even if it wins out.

As you see in NASCAR, when drivers from the same race team use each other as drafting partners, thus are OR and Utah.

Two games ago, OU suffered its first loss, 48-41 at Kansas State.

No. 2 Ohio State vs. "We evaluate data and statistics, and in the end, each expert uses his or her judgment to rank the teams based on who they think is best".

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Led by the likes of Jaylon Smith, Sean Lee and DeMarcus Lawrence , the Cowboys recorded three takeaways and five sacks. This is nothing new as Dallas has struggled mightily to get their high-profile offense running.

Watch as they react to the rankings. The Allstate Playoff Predictor gives Alabama a 40.5% to make it at the present time, the fourth-most obvious opportunity. The Crimson Tide would be 11-1, while Oregon, Oklahoma and Minnesota would be 12-1. It's Georgia, who travel to Auburn this Saturday, who will face the toughest test of any team in the top-four after this week's second poll. Although its schedule is not as strong as some others, Clemson is an excellent undefeated team.

The Crimson Tide fell from the No. three spot to No. 5.

After the Tide lost at home to LSU on Saturday, all the quibbling began about how the determination board of trustees would adjust an extreme misfortune that came last possible minute with Alabama's not exactly excellent timetable.

Alabama is certainly one of the most talented teams in the country, and it would probably be favored against just about any other opponent. Oklahoma earned its way in by winning the Big 12 without a conference championship game, but with four victories against teams in the committee's final top 25.

Auburn was off last week, but returns for a major game against Georgia this week.

It's hard to project ahead what the committee will do next with Alabama. However, if Georgia takes care of the Tigers this Saturday, the Bulldogs can coast through their remaining schedule until the SEC Championship Game with LSU.

  • Lawrence Cooper